1 Generating thousands of leads leveraging Facebook targeted advertising

TribalVision developed and implemented a lead generation campaign through Facebook to grow a baby product e-commerce subscriber list in preparation for the Holiday season. The campaign set a cost-per-lead (CPL) goal of $2.25 based on previous performance benchmarks and set forth to maximize marketing dollars in accordance with industry and brand best practices.

2 Driving Website Traffic and Revenue during Holiday Promotions

A world-renowned manufacturer of infant and toddler care products enlisted TribalVision for the development and implementation of a consumer-focused holiday strategy. The goal was to drive website traffic and revenue leading up to and during Cyber Monday, as well as during a promotional period in December.

TribalVision identified Facebook, email, paid search, and coupon/discount aggregators as the primary channels to accomplish this goal.

Key results from TribalVision’s campaign development and implementation included the below metrics.

3 Leveraging Account Based Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

TribalVision recommended and successfully implemented a new account based marketing strategy for a B2B event company. Over several months, the strategy had been used for multiple marketing campaigns with the goal of generating qualified leads for the firm’s internal sales team. For each of the company’s events, we followed a 5-step approach:

4 Driving E-Commerce Sales for an Athletic Gear Company

A custom athletic gear e-commerce site tasked TribalVision with increasing the number of launches of unique team gear e-commerce stores. TribalVision recommended and oversaw the implementation of an exit intent pop-up on the company’s main homepage.The purpose of the pop-up is to capture contact information from users who are interested in learning more about launching their own gear store. The pop-up was paired with a nurture workflow consisting of two emails.

5 Leveraging Digital Channels to Drive Webinar Attendance

TribalVision developed and executed a webinar campaign to drive enrollments and applications for an online dog training academy. The pre-webinar marketing strategy included a combination of email marketing to the academy’s newsletter subscribers, paid and organic promotions on Facebook, organic posts on Twitter, and special opt-in forms on the academy’s website.

6 Re-engaging cold leads for local solar company

A locally owned and operated solar company reached out to TribalVision to build and implement a strategy to increase monthly residential sales. As part of this strategy, TribalVision implemented an email drip campaign in order to:

7 National Jewelry Retailer Turns Around Disappointing Year

TribalVision built a marketing pro forma to help a national jewelry retailer determine the most cost-effective digital channels to drive revenue and double its collector base. We analyzed the current marketing channels, which allowed us to visualize the potential effects on transactions and revenue that may result from different marketing investments. The goals of the analysis were:

8 Vendor Consolidation for an Alternative Energy Company

A solar power solutions company had undergone an internal structural overhaul, where upper-level management took a more active role in marketing activities. Prior to the change, the organization had been working with a consultant, who by being only one person, had outsourced all marketing activities to various vendors. Management’s goal was to consolidate the number of vendors they were using and decrease monthly expenditures. In hiring TribalVision, our first task was to perform an audit of existing vendors and make recommendations on where to remove or decrease spending.

9 Disaster Relief Campaign for Leading Non-Profit

A top 10 non-profit international development organization with programs in 50 developing countries reached out to us to execute an integrated marketing campaign for a Nepal disaster relief appeal. The appeal centered around the two devastating Nepal earthquakes that occurred on April 25th and May 12th, 2015, affecting thousands of communities and families. Reacting quickly to the crisis, we rapidly implemented a marketing plan that included direct mail, display advertising, display media buys, email marketing, and paid search advertising, and executed on this strategy over the course of three months. The goals of this campaign were to:

10 Digital Lead Generation Campaign for Education Company

A highly-regarded education company reached out to TribalVision to strategize and implement a promotional campaign to boost its underperforming exposition, which was launching in a new location. Our campaign included paid search, remarketing, social media advertising, and a Facebook contest to generate buzz around the event. The campaign’s objective’s included:

11 Content Marketing Strategy for Leadership Development Firm

A well-known leadership development firm engaged TribalVision to develop and implement a strategy to acquire highly qualified leads. The campaign’s objective was simple:

12 Conference Promotion for a Global Health Care Non-Profit

A globally recognized health care non-profit engaged TribalVision to increase attendance at its annual conference, which was slated to take place in three months at a different time of year and on a different continent from previous conferences. Moving quickly to optimize results in a short period of time, we put together a plan that included database analysis and audience segmentation; audience touch point mapping and deployment; an updated conference landing page; and leveraging social media channels and contacts of co-founders, sponsors, and presenters. The campaign’s goal was to:

13 Donor Outreach for Local Zoo

A well-known New England zoo sought to increase the total value of its mailing-based donation revenue and leverage its donor data to more intelligently devise a direct mailing solicitation strategy.  Our approach included analyzing the zoo’s donor data, distilling key insights, developing a strategic solicitation list, and crafting messaging audiences and copy for the solicitation.  The project’s objectives included:

14 Win Back Campaign for Grocery Chain

An established grocery retailer was experiencing customer drop off and account deactivations and came to TribalVision to generate a content strategy to win these past customers back. Our efforts included developing a win-back promotional strategy, email communication and direct mailer. The strategy’s objectives included:

15 Online Strategy to Drive Website Traffic for a Global Non-Profit

A non-profit with a global reach tapped TribalVision to strategically overhaul and curate its digital advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and AdRoll. The client sought to dedicate a renewed effort toward monetizing its existing website as a key revenue channel. The main goals of this initiative were to 1) increase website traffic, 2) raise brand awareness and recognition, 3) drive online donations, and 4) measure results.

16 Lead Generation Campaign for Shipping Supplies Company

A leading supplier of industrial shipping supplies in New England was looking to increase the number of customers in its high margin vendor management program that locks in clients to a $3,000/month retainer. The company reached out to TribalVision to develop and implement a strategy to promote the program. The strategy leveraged several tactics that included; a calling campaign, drip emails, the buildout of targeted pitch decks, the development of a referral program, leveraging paid search and developing reporting metrics to track the success of our efforts. The strategy’s objectives were to:

17 E-Commerce Buildout for Furniture Chain

An established furniture retailer looked to TribalVision to develop an e-commerce strategy that would drive more online sales of its furniture. Our efforts focused on the redesign and optimization of the company’s website to drive and better convert online sales. The objectives of this project included:

18 Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Seafood Supplier

A New England based seafood supplier looked to TribalVision to further elevate its brand nationally and support its sales team with finding and capturing new business. Spanning a 3-year period, TribalVision developed and implemented a multi-pronged marketing strategy that included asset development, sales support and lead generation initiatives. Tactics that TribalVision led consisted of; SEO, PPC, pitch deck buildouts, website, video, messaging, social media, CRM integration, inbound marketing, new business outreach and content marketing.

19 Surpassing summer camp enrollment goals

A non-profit community center in Massachusetts was looking to increase the visibility of their summer camp programs to parents in the surrounding area. TribalVision planned and implemented a multi-channel advertising campaign that included email marketing, direct mail, paid search advertising, and display advertising.

20 Lead Generation Strategy for LED Manufacturer

A New York-based manufacturer of LED supplies tasked TribalVision with revamping its company strategy to counter increasing competition from Asian manufacturers and e-commerce giants. TribalVision developed a plan to uniquely position the firm as a go-to solution for leading, multi-million energy savings companies (ESCOs). The marketing strategy consisted of the following

21 Market Entry Plan for Korean Manufacturer of Industrial PCs

A Korean manufacturer of personal computers contacted TribalVision to explore opportunities in the US market and assist the company in developing business in the US while on a tight budget. TribalVision developed a 3-step process to meet the client’s objectives:

22 Channel Optimization for Home Improvement Company

A local home improvement company specializing in windows, doors, siding, and roofing enlisted TribalVision’s help to cost-effectively generate qualified leads. In addition to implementing tactics like paid search and email marketing, we crafted a 2-tier strategy for optimizing their partnership with a lead aggregator. The strategy’s goal of increasing sales from this channel was anchored in two objectives:

23 Go-To-Market Campaign for Home Security Provider

An established security staffing company branching out into the B2C home security and automation market enlisted TribalVision to develop entirely new branding and create a full IMC strategy to promote the launch of the company and drive lead acquisition. As part of their go-to-market strategy, the TribalVision team leveraged a partnership with the Pawtucket Red Sox to reach the Rhode Island market by conducting a raffle at a highly-attended game. In addition to traditional tabling methods and promotions, we ran a text-to-enter campaign to capture leads’ phone numbers and email addresses. The overall objectives for the event included:

24 Website and E-commerce Revamp for B2B Manufacturer

An established and quickly-growing B2B medical device manufacturer sought our expertise in website design and e-commerce strategy for a complete revamp of its online store. Our efforts included a website re-design, a custom e-commerce re-structuring with an updated customer journey, and promotions of the new online store through email and paid search. The revamp’s objectives included:

25 Promotion of Manufacturing Partnership Annual Event

After struggling to find an identity in the small world of manufacturing, a local partnership of businesses and organizations requested marketing assistance. The goals were as follows:

  1. Increase statewide awareness
  2. Plan and promote annual meeting

Spanning four months TribalVision launched a new website, developed collateral, and raised awareness for the organization’s annual summit conference. As a result of these efforts, overall attendance to the annual event increased by 25%.

26 Digital Marketing Campaign For National Jeweler

TribalVision developed and implemented a digital marketing strategy for a leading national jewelry retailer. We focused our efforts on optimizing the company’s paid search campaigns to increase online revenue, visibility and engagement while maintaining a healthy ROAS. After 2 months of optimizing the client’s paid search campaigns:

  1. Online revenue was up by 84%
  2. Ecommerce conversion rate was up 19.4%
  3. ROAS became 200% more efficient
  4. Revenue almost doubled with half the spend

27 Referral Program Success for a Grocer

A well-known Rhode Island grocer reached out to TribalVision to increase the number of new customers receiving its home delivery service. Rather than deploying traditional paid media tactics to reach our goal, we decided to look within and leverage the company’s existing customer base. Through various customer promotions and targeted announcements, TribalVision captured 52 referrals from existing customers – resulting in 20 new customers being signed on by the sales team in a 60-day period. Given the $4,200 lifetime value per account, our 60-day campaign resulted in a bump of $84,000 to top-line revenue.

28 Marketing Automation Strategy for Non-Profit

TribalVision implemented a Marketing Automation Strategy for one of the largest non-profit organizations in Rhode Island. The organization is part of a global network that offers a variety of programs, advocacy and campaigns to achieve sustainable solutions to end the cycle of poverty. Given their global reach and multiple donor profiles, it was essential that their content strategy was both personalized and automated. To that end, TribalVision developed a comprehensive Marketing Automation Strategy focused on three distinct audiences. The campaign objectives were to: