The Tribal Plan


When TribalVision rolls its sleeves up, we mean business for you. TribalPlan is our infrastructure – a proprietary four-phase process for immersion into your world that leads to bottom-line results. The TribalPlan is a rigorous, intelligent blueprint helping you go from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Our potent mix of strategy and tactics, continually refined based on results, will get you there.

1The Discovery
We’ll spend a full day on site with our sleeves rolled up, asking questions, absorbing operations and digging down to the very core of what you have to offer. We’ll talk with managers and employees, frankly and informally. Our experience has shown us that asking you to complete our TribalDiscovery Questionnaire is a valuable exercise. Your answers help us grasp your core business, your industry, and your competition. Weaknesses are addressed, strengths are uncovered and opportunities are targeted. A week of off-site research follows. The goal is to get a baseline on current metrics, to understand your competitive environment, to set objectives, and determine a dedicated, realistic budget for moving forward. We’ll define your value proposition, understand your company culture and commit to total immersion. Interviews with your vendors and customers will help round out our data.
2The Plan
The TribalPlan is a goal you hold in your hand. Typically 15-20 pages, this Executive Summary document gets down to business, starting with a clear-eyed view of your current marketing picture. When compiled, a company’s marketing efforts are often revealed to be scattered, ineffective and unmeasured. Objectives for the future and strategies for moving forward are defined, with a detailed rollout of the TribalTactics we’ll use. The channel mix we recommend will be highly customized and actionable. Energized by a newly forged partnership, TribalVision sees this phase as the launching pad for a new chapter in your company’s marketing story.
3The Implementation
Whether your marketing strategy calls for an email campaign or a website makeover, your TribalVision point person will forge ahead at full speed, in control at every turn. The group of niche pros that we assemble – from techies to writers to designers – are the best at what they do at a cost a small business owner can afford. They will work both independently and as a team, carefully filtering every thought process to be sure it aligns with your objectives. At TribalVision, we’re uncompromising when it comes to our standards for excellence. In this, the phase where the “work” is created, we are beyond vigilant, hovering over every detail of every project. You are kept informed at every junction, through our secure, easy-access online portal. Seeing our progress in real time is just a click away – a symbiotic alliance between us that results in the ultimate efficiency.
4The Assessment
Monitoring, measuring and assessing marketing efforts against objectives are at the core of the TribalVision difference. Tracking results in real time is critical in today’s fickle, immediate, transparent marketplace. We’ll accomplish this goal with a custom dashboard that is continually reviewed by your Tribal account executive, and compiled for you in a concise-yet-expansive monthly report. Quarterly reports pull back a bit to focus on a larger picture that embraces past performance and future projections. We’ll schedule a conference call with upper management to put every result into context. Are you targeting the right customers? Is the ROI acceptable, or should the medium be tweaked? Is our channel mix optimized? What’s the cost per lead, per channel? Are current customers still buying? These are just a few of the critical questions we’ll answer, defining the success of a TribalVision marketing plan. Armed with information in razor sharp detail, your marketing will take on a tone of purpose, efficiency and control.