April 2015


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Tell a Compelling Story Blog Highlights MJSA Presentation Emerge Leadership Workshop

Tell a Compelling Story

Over the course of today, the average U.S. citizen will read 100,500 digital words and see approximately 5,000 marketing messages. Here’s what happened in the last 60 seconds alone:

  • 700,000 Google searches were performed
  • 168 million emails were sent
  • 60 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube.

Not surprisingly, this information overload makes it difficult to get the attention of today’s consumers. Fortunately, differentiating your business from the competition is easier than you might think.

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Highlights from our Blog

$10,000 in Free Advertising for Non-Profits

An amazing program from Google Adwords provides $10,000 a month in free paid-search funds for qualifying non-profits. It’s a dream come true for savvy organizations, but it’s still all about creating the perfect campaign. If only Google were handing out free ad money to everyone…
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Why Earned Media is Important to Your Organization

Paid marketing efforts are critically important to starting the spread of a message, but focusing time on earned media will open the doors to broader brand recognition and a strong reputation. Discerning customers are wary of paid messages, but the recommendations and interests of friends and family feel organic and trustworthy. The key is to harness that power.
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MJSA Presentation

At this year’s MJSA conference, Chris presented on the importance of developing a marketing strategy, as well as some key tactics to ensure growth. Specifically focused around the jewelry industry, Chris starts with an analysis of the current status of the market, and leads into specific strategies to stay ahead of the trends.


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TribalVision Management Attends Emerge Workshop

Emerge Leadership Group has been one of our favorite clients, so we decided to take advantage of their great leadership training for our own management. What better way to learn the process of your client than to try their product? Our team walked away with some great new techniques to help them excel!
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Tips To Market Smarter


Did You Know?

of B2B customers will end a decision journey frustrated with the process.
 of corporate marketing budgets go to events related expenditures.
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