3 Engaging Features for Your Website

It’s no surprise that your company’s website is incredibly important – it’s the most public face of your business. So it’s critical that it not only represents who you are and what you do, but that it’s also captivating for visitors. Here are 3 features you can add to your website to engage those people visiting your site to learn more about you.

Homepage Video
We’re all used to seeing large photos and images dominate website homepages. But there’s no reason that the same real estate can’t be used to show or promote video. Now this video can be a product explanation or testimonial, or it can be simple B-roll footage of the same subject of which you’d take a simple photo. Regardless of the video’s content, video draws in the visitor, encouraging them to watch, stay on the page longer, and explore the site further.

See how Town Dock promotes their new video on their homepage.

360° Product Views
If your company makes or serves a product, the downside of having someone visit your website instead of your location is that they can’t see, hold, or experience the product. You can give them the next best thing by showing every angle of your product in a 360° view. This feature is typically used by company’s who produce particularly complex products, but the effect can be just as striking for a very simple product.

See how CompoSecure shows off their card products.

Interactive Pages
Do you ever wish you could tell your website visitor how to use your site so that they see the information exactly as you would like to? An interactive page allows you to do just that. Typically this feature is reserved for the homepage, allowing you to guide the visitor through a story or journey simply by having them scroll. That action triggers a series of animated movements that occur on the visitor’s screen.

See how The Nature Conservancy told their story about water education using an interactive design.