3 LinkedIn Advertising Features You May Be Missing Out On

With more than half a billion users worldwide and the ability to target by company, experience, education, interests, and identity, LinkedIn is a valuable and effective platform for getting in front of your ideal audience. LinkedIn advertising features give you the ability to combine target criteria, which allows you to market to decision makers, influencers, and executives from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

In the past, we’ve shared tips on how to get started with LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMails. Since then, LinkedIn has added a number of new advertising features and tools to optimize your digital strategy and take you from awareness to conversion. Here are three features that you may be missing out on.

  • Lead Gen Forms
    Online form submissions are a lead capture method used by a number of companies; however, most users do not want to deal with the hassle of filling out information in order to receive their content. With Lead Gen Forms, LinkedIn simplifies the process by pre-filling LinkedIn profile data so users can instantly submit a lead to your business and access your offers and content. When LinkedIn users click on your ad, they’ll see an in-app form that has been populated with information from their LinkedIn profiles. The lead information is then stored on a downloadable file in Campaign Manager or can be integrated with your CRM or marketing automation platform.
  • Matched Audiences
    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for getting in front of individuals that haven’t heard of you, but what about those that you already know? LinkedIn allows you to build custom audiences by uploading a list of your known contacts and matching them to LinkedIn users profiles. Drive more conversions by segmenting your lists based on their sales life-cycle stage, interests, and buying behavior – then tailor content to match. Not only can you target at the contact level, but LinkedIn also offers account-based targeting to reach decision makers at your top priority prospects accounts.
  • Website Retargeting
    Re-engage your website visitors by delivering ad content relevant to the pages, services, and products they’ve already viewed on your site. With LinkedIn advertising features, you can place a tracking tag on your web pages that will create audiences in LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. Once your website segment generates at least 300 individuals, LinkedIn will reactivate your visitors’ interest by providing them with content and offers to direct them back to the website. Similar to Remarketing with AdWords, visitors will be followed around on LinkedIn by products and services with which they’re already familiar.

Whether you want to target brand new prospects or re-engage existing ones, LinkedIn has a variety of advertising features to best meet your needs and grow your business.