3 Quick Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

If you are looking to increase awareness for your small business, social media should be a component of your marketing strategy. Social media platforms have the potential to help small businesses reach new customers, which is why 63% of small businesses use social platforms to build and grow their brands online.

Follow the below tips to ensure you maximize your small business’ social media presence.  

  • Invest your time wisely 

There are various platforms you can use in order to grow your online presence. However, managing a platform can be a lot of work and with limited resources, it is extremely important to choose the ones that are right for your small business. Below are some questions to ask yourself when deciding which platforms to use:

  • Where are my competitors?
    • If there is a particular social platform being used by all your competitors, it is a great indicator that the platform is relevant to your industry.
  • Which platform is my target audience most active in?
  • What type of content will I need to develop?
    •  If you are unable to develop videos on a consistent basis, having a YouTube channel may not be the best time investment. If you are a D2C brand partnering with micro-influencers to develop content, Instagram is the best platform to post on.  
  • Take advantage of live streaming

Live streaming has quickly become a tool for companies to interact with their audiences and showcase the human side of their brand. Live videos are overall more appealing for brand audiences with 82% preferring live video to social posts. For small businesses, this is a cost-effective way to engage with customers – all you need is a smartphone. 

Live streaming gives you the opportunity to have real-time communication with your customers. You can utilize this tool to post exclusive content, host a Q&A about your product, or live stream an event you are hosting. Even after the live stream ends there are great ways to utilize the content. For example, you can use the insights gathered from a Q&A to craft future posts or develop new blog topic ideas. 

  • Share the spotlight 

More and more businesses are collaborating with like-minded or complementary companies in other to create content and capture a similar target audience. Although identifying the right business to collaborate with may require some upfront work, the benefits far exceed the investment. Sharing the spotlight with another business allows you to:

  • Reach new audiences and enhance the exposure
  • Cross-promote products and services at no cost
  • Offer your existing audience additional value 
  • Leverage the content developed during the collaboration in various channels such as your website, blog, etc.