3 Tips to Proactively Plan and Create Social Media Content

Avid readers of the TribalVision blog know all about how to optimize their social media content across various platforms. But before you can optimize anything, you have to proactively plan and create the content you want to share on social media. Check out our 3 tips below to get the ball rolling on your social media content creation:

Plan out what content you want to share ahead of time 

While it may require a bigger time investment upfront, it is much more efficient to proactively map out the content you want to post instead of reactively writing social media posts the same day you want to deploy them. At TribalVision, we recommend planning out at least one month’s worth of content at a time, at least 2 weeks in advance of when you want to start posting. For example, if I want to start blocking out social media content for the month of June, I should plan to start the brainstorming and writing processes no later than May 15. 

We recommend sharing a variety of content throughout the month. Take a look at some types of posts below: 

  1. Company updates and capabilities: This seems like a very logical place to start your social media content creation. Tell your audience on social media what your company does well and what makes you different from competing companies. Additionally, if a company milestone (like a company anniversary) or positive update (like receiving an award) falls on a particular month, make sure to highlight it! Pat your team on the back and celebrate your company’s wins on social media. 
  2. Thought leadership: This type of content could be anything from your company profiles sharing a relevant industry article or subject matter experts at your company sharing a whitepaper or article that they wrote. Sharing this content shows that your company is an expert in its respective industry. Show your company’s smarts on social media! 
  3. Holidays: This might go without saying, but take a break from sharing work-related updates to celebrate holidays on social media! 
  4. Employee updates: Celebrate your company’s employees on social media! Employee spotlights are a great way to humanize your company by showing the people who work there. Highlight an employee’s contributions to the company and a fun personal fact or two they’re willing to share on social media.

Vary the content across social media platforms 

Each social media platform (and the audiences on those platforms!) operates differently – as such, it is best to write content for each platform based on their audience. For example, LinkedIn is a platform for professional updates and networking, while Instagram is a platform for personal, image-based updates. You wouldn’t share the same content from your personal Instagram account on your personal LinkedIn account – so don’t re-use the same content verbatim across all of your company’s social media accounts. 

Take advantage of scheduling platforms 

Once you’ve written your social media content for each platform, schedule your posts to automatically deploy ahead of time with a social media planning tool. Again, this might require a bigger time investment at the beginning of the month, but this is much more efficient than logging into each social media platform and posting manually throughout the month. 

Applying these 3 tips to your social media strategy will help your company proactively and consistently create exceptional social media content!