3 New Facebook Features Every Small Business Should Know About

From the layout of the News Feed to the way you ‘like’ a picture, Facebook is constantly changing. Especially in its function as a platform for businesses, Facebook has made great strides and is evolving continuously.

Read on to learn more about new, relevant features that are simple to implement and will take your company profile to the next level.

  1. Shop Section

The Shop Section is a great add-on Page for retailers that want to give Facebook users the option of browsing and buying products directly from their Facebook profile.*

A “Page” is an optional profile feature that Facebook has developed to allow businesses, brands and organizations to interact with consumers and provide more information in a way that is easy to digest. When you add a new Page to your profile, it is incorporated as a tab in the navigation bar, but, depending on its function, can also appear on your main profile page. The Shopping Section is an example of a Page that has its own clickable tab, but also can be seen and accessed from the main profile.

With a Shop section, you can:

  • Upload products and product information directly within Facebook – there is no product feed or catalog required
  • Curate and customize your products into collections or featured showcases
  • Manage orders from your Facebook account
  • See insights on how each product is doing in terms of views, engagement, etc.

*This is a feature being tested now, and is not available to every Facebook company profile

  1. Call-to-Action

Give interested profile visitors a next step beyond Facebook, in the form of a button on your cover photo. The call-to-action button can be customized to make sense for your business, with text that ranges from “Sign Up” to “Shop Now” to “Donate.” Your website/landing page URL is linked to the button, and once it’s set up, you can then track the number of clicks your button receives within your Facebook profile.

*The “Donate” call-to-action is a feature that is gradually being rolled out to non-profit organizations is not available to every account.

  1. Email Signup

Many Email Service Providers provide the option to integrate an email subscribe opt-in on Facebook. This feature allows you to eliminate the extra steps of getting a user to leave Facebook, go to your website, and then subscribe to emails, by allowing your Facebook profile to capture these leads directly within the platform. After integrating the opt-in form, you can customize the tab that appears on your Facebook profile.