5 Essential Steps For An Organic Social Media Product Launch

Preparing for a product launch on organic social media is no small feat. But if done right, it offers an opportunity to drive new followers, increase brand awareness, and lead to major sales for your new product. Follow these 5 steps to prepare for a successful product launch across your platforms.

1. Define your KPIs

Before any product launch, the first step your team should take is deciding what key performance indicators (KPIs) define success. Whether you are hoping to increase brand awareness or drive sales, outlining KPIs before developing your campaign will help you to reach those goals.

2. Organize your Timeline

Your product launch date is your deadline. Keep this in mind as you organize your timeline backwards from there. Each campaign will require a different amount of planning in advance. For example, if photoshoots and influencer partnerships are required, you should begin planning the launch more than three to four months in advance. When organizing your timeline, keep in mind pre-launch teasers, day-of-launch content, and post-launch follow up, including integrating the new product regularly into your feed. This will allow you to plan for the exact amount of content you need to support the campaign at each stage.

3. Choose your platforms

When planning your product launch, it is important to consider which platforms you’ll want to utilize. Don’t force yourself to develop great content for every platform if your audience won’t engage on every channel. Consider your target audience when making the decision for cross-platform promotion. The general strategy and campaign theme should stay consistent across all platforms, however the creative development can differ greatly based on the nature and unique features that each platform has to offer. A few popular platforms to consider utilizing in product launches today are Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, especially if your product is geared towards a younger demographic.

4. Define your content

Once you have defined your KPIs, organized your timeline, and chosen your platforms, it’s time to start defining your content. This is where you will start to get creative, and begin designing the look and feel of your product launch. You will also start building out messaging, and begin brainstorming a relevant and captivating hashtag for your campaign. A few questions you should ask yourself when you are getting started with this step are: 

    • What is the color palette for my campaign?
    • How do I envision my campaign looking on our feed?
    • How do I want the campaign to sound? What’s the tone?
    • What is the overarching message I want to convey?

5. Plan your content calendar

Now that you have your content defined, it’s time to plan your content calendar. You know what you want your product launch to look like and how you want it to sound, so now you can begin creating posts, videos, GIFs, and more to share across your defined platforms. You should also begin developing an overview calendar that outlines each day you plan to post and what content will be posted, keeping in mind the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch guidelines you outlined in step two. 

If you follow these 5 steps, you are sure to have a successful product launch! Make sure to regularly refer back to your outlined KPIs to measure the campaign’s success.