5 Questions Every CMO Needs to be Ready to Answer

Should we redesign our company logo?

To answer this question, you first need to ask the question why? Redesigning your logo is a big decision and something your organization shouldn’t take lightly. Remember, your customers identify with the current logo and there is potential goodwill that has been attached over the years. As the Chief Marketing Officer, it is your responsibility to lead the rest of the executive team through the appropriate questions that will aid in your decision of whether to leave the logo as-is or to begin the re-design process. Below are a few questions to aid the conversation:

Good reasons for a logo redesign:

  • Has your company recently been through a significant transformation?
  • Is the old logo is dated looking and stale compared to others in your space?
  • Are you trying to recover from recent bad press and re-define your brand?

Bad reasons for a logo redesign:

  • Does your CEO not like the color [insert color here]?
  • Does your new agency think this is a great first project?
  • Is the executive team feeling like it just needs to be freshened up?

What is the ROI on Social Media?

This is a tough question and one that every CMO will likely face at least a few times a year. Social Media is now a maturing channel but still in its infancy when compared to other marketing channels. While some tools and methodologies exist that attempt to begin to quantify social media, it is still elusive. For now it is best to view social media as another communication channel, just like your customer service department, its another way to talk to your customers. The advantage of social media compared with the phone is you can speak with images, videos, and text. If you are only on social media looking for an immediate ROI then stop placing any energy or dollars in this channel. If you are looking to build meaningful relationships with your customers who are seeking to engage your brand – have at it!

Why aren’t we using [insert media channel here]?

It’s tough calling the shots as the head marketer. Everyone else in the organization is constantly presenting you with new marketing ideas and sometimes it’s more than presenting – its asking ‘why we aren’t currently using channel X?’ The key to answering this question is having a marketing plan and a marketing budget for the year. By having both in place well before the year starts, answering this question is easy. You can explain that the company is following a specific plan to achieve the marketing goals for the year and you have limited funds to attribute to new channels. As the head marketer, you will evaluate and consider all new ideas but they must fit into the existing strategic plan and there must be room in the budget.

Do we need an app?

The best answer to this question is to pose another question – Why? Apps are great and oftentimes can enhance your brand on a new platform. But before taking the plunge, clear goals need to be defined. Keep in mind creating a native app can come with a hefty price tag (starting at $20k for something basic.) If you and your company can’t come up with very solid goals for an app that (like enhancing your brand experience,) then take a pass. Also, ask yourself if an app is needed at all. Sometimes a robust responsive design web experience is sufficient for your customers mobile experience and actually easier (and cheaper) to implement since it is device agnostic.

Where are our best leads coming from?

Every marketer worth their weight should be able to answer this question any day of the week. In this new marketing environment of measuring what we market, knowing all your KPI’s (key performance indicators) are key. Understanding where most of your leads are coming from, how much they are costing you, and the ROI on these leads is not an option but a must in today’s competitive marketing environment. The best way to keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing organization is to create a dashboard of KPI’s that is reviewed regularly. This can aid decision making regarding which channels to turn up or down as well as where improvements are needed regarding lead quality. Be sure to include front-end measures like clicks and opens and back-end measures like ROAS (return on ad spend.)