Click Here! – An Introduction to Facebook Ads

Once your company has a strong Facebook page, one that’s being consistently fed new material by your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-driven corporate blog and Twitter feeds, it’s time to think about advertising. Since there’s no better place to start advertising than on a platform where your company already has a strong presence, Facebook ads are a great first step in a social media ad campaign.

Welcome to Planet Facebook
If it’s starting to feel like you’re living on Planet Facebook, as though promoting a business in today’s market is next to impossible without the involvement of the Jolly Blue and White Giant, it’s because you’re right. Facebook is an integral part of a successful social media marketing campaign, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. So the question is, “How does a company advertise effectively on Facebook?”

Facebook offers several types of ads, all of which enable users a great deal of control over demographics and content. During the ad development process, Facebook allows users to be very specific about their target demographics, taking into account factors such as age, gender, location, and interests. By keeping an eye on your SEO keywords and including some attractive art (a feature not available on all platforms), you can easily create an extremely effective ad that will run on Facebook’s page margins.

What we like best about Facebook ads is that users have complete discretion over how much money they spend. This is because Facebook uses something called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. When setting up an ad, users can determine how much they want to spend per click (clicks link to your website or business Facebook page), per impression (appearance on a page), and per day. So, for example, if a small company wants to spend just $10 a day on PPC ads, once enough people have clicked on the ad to equal that amount, the ad will not be shown again until the following day. This is an excellent option for smaller companies who want to test the waters with social media-based advertising. It also draws more fans in to business’ Facebook pages, allowing each blog post and status update to reach even more people every day.

PPC ads are available on a few different platforms, and we will discuss those options in future articles, so be sure to subscribe to the TribalVision blog!