A Note from TribalVision on Black Lives Matter

TribalVision condemns racism, prejudice, and discrimination of all kinds and in all forms. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and are committed to the ongoing fight against the deep-rooted structures of systemic racism and injustice that have oppressed the BIPOC community for far too long.

As a company, we have consciously paused to reflect and take time to actively listen, learn, and engage in open dialogue with our community. While the need to listen and reflect continues indefinitely, now is also the time to take a stand for progress. To put this promise into action, we have created a plan to strengthen our organization’s commitment to promoting sustainable change in the fight against inequality. This plan includes:

  • Extending our existing paid time off program to allocate time for all employees to participate in volunteer, advocacy, and fundraising efforts.

  • Participating in an employee-sponsored grassroots fundraiser to support this movement.

  • Evaluating our corporate social responsibility strategy to better support the BIPOC community.

  • Actively pursuing team-wide training specific to anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion.

  • Creating a committee dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion to ensure that as an organization, we hold ourselves accountable to our goals of equity, diversity, and inclusivity throughout our organization

These action steps are just the beginning; we know we have a lot to learn and unlearn. One of TribalVision’s guiding principles is that we “hold our work to a higher standard”: we continually strive to be better and do better. We commit publicly that this principle will be applied to our ongoing efforts for greater equity, diversity, and inclusivity, both here at our company and in our sphere of influence.

In Solidarity,

The TribalVision Team