Amazon Prime Day-Keys to Success

Considered the biggest shopping day of the year, surpassing Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day is a global shopping event unlike any other. This year, Prime Day will begin July 16th. Though it may be too late to capitalize on the sales day this year, there are ways brands can benefit in the future.

Set-up Amazon Promotions and make the deal count.

Brands should provide special value to their Prime Day shoppers. Discounts and promotions are available on Amazon all year but by providing an extra bump in the usual offer consumers will be more likely to convert. Lower discounts are fairly common so it’s important to develop an offer that is atypical for your brand.

It is also recommended that brands who fulfill orders themselves offer Free Shipping on all products to remain competitive.

Stock up on inventory and send FBA products to Amazon as early as possible.

Ensuring inventory numbers are high is a surefire way to capitalize on the abundance of Prime Day shoppers. It is recommended brands stock their most purchased and viewed items since these are the most likely to sell out. It is equally important that all promoted listings have a large quantity since these are the items with the most consumer interaction.

Companies should plan to send all Amazon FBA products by May at the latest to ensure they arrive well before the sales day begins.

Advertise Prime Day Promotions on other channels.

Promoting Prime Day on social media and other digital channels is a great way to spread the word about your sale. By blasting your current mailing lists, you’ll target people who are more likely to purchase. Additionally, using high performing audiences on Facebook and other platforms can increase sales.

Utilize Social Media Promotion Codes to direct audiences to an auto-generated sales page containing your discounted products. This page’s unique URL can be shared on any digital marketing channel.

Increase your Amazon advertising budget for the day.

It is important that on this day all advertisements are performing at maximum capacity. On the day of the event, bump spend up and check hourly so campaigns don’t run out of money during evening hours.

Read up and educate yourself with Amazon’s resources.

Amazon offers a New Advertiser Success Guide as well as their own Advertising Best Practices, two of the many guides that can help brands successfully sell on Amazon. Explore all Amazon’s resources prior to Prime Day so you’re able to take full advantage of the event.

Good Luck and Happy Advertising!