Case Studies

Bringing a SaaS Platform to Market and Building a New User Base


Optimizing and establishing a marketing campaign for a new to Challenges Approach market SaaS platform

Our client had a newly developed direct mail SaaS platform coming to market in a matter of months. When they engaged TribalVision, we were tasked with developing a go-to-market strategy, creating all required marketing assets, and executing the digital advertising campaigns necessary to generate 1,000 SMB customers in the first year in market, all while also establishing the brand as the efficient, easy-to-use mailing solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the US.


Increase brand awareness by meeting the needs of the target market

Before the project’s start, TribalVision was tasked with conducting extensive market research focused on the target audience’s purchasing behavior and overall decision making process. At the completion of the research phase, our goals were to:

  • Build a messaging and branding foundation with room for future growth.
  • Fully wireframe, design, develop and launch a platform-focused website with an underlying architecture fully optimized to guide a customer toward conversion.
  • Develop SEO content and manage/optimize technical aspects of SEO in order to drive organic traffic to the website.
  • Build a lead generation engine capable of generating 1,000 sign-ups for the program by the end of year one.
  • Develop comprehensive reporting dashboards for tracking lead generation campaign results.