Case Studies

Building Brand Awareness for a Multi-Sector Company


Segmentation of the various sectors

TribalVision was tasked with the challenge of growing brand awareness for a company with three very different business units, each with dramatically different brand equity and audiences – from military and law enforcement to nuclear safety and pharmaceutical – while maintaining the connection to the parent brand. Success was measured by the reach of individual campaigns and initiatives, as well as the impact on sales.


Differentiating the variety of sectors to position correctly

Before engaging with TribalVision, the client had nine sub-brands and no clear architecture to determine how the brands interacted with one another, relevant audiences, or respective value propositions. TribalVision facilitated the process of refining the brand architecture so each business unit aligned with a flagship brand that held strong brand equity, a unified audience, and the most promising market share, with others being retired or rolled up into the flagship brands.

Based on this new architecture, TribalVision turned its focus to building awareness and engagement for one brand by deploying a series of digital campaigns aimed at reaching the same core audience at a high frequency and growing its social media following. Over time, the success of this strategic approach of targeted multi-channel outreach for one brand allowed TribalVision to expand its efforts to the other two business units.