Connect Your Brand to Retailers to Drive More Sales

In the digital age it is hard for wholesalers to drive more retail sales while keeping their message and brand consistent. Consumers are expecting more product information in this on-demand economy. Wholesalers need to step up their game to ensure their retailers have the marketing assets and strategy needed to drive sales. Promoboxx is a sophisticated platform that helps you do this. It makes marketing with retailers streamlined, scalable, trackable, and super easy.

Many retail partners don’t utilize digital assets provided by wholesalers for campaigns because existing solutions rely solely on marketing assets, requiring retailers to dig through folders. A tool like Promoboxx uses a campaign-based approach to create urgency and keep your messaging and brand voice consistent. Some features include: uploading your existing marketing campaign, inviting all or a subset of your retailers to the campaign, customizing the message for each retailer, promotions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, website, and mobile. In addition, through the platform wholesalers can provide ad dollars to retailers to increase sales opportunities. All of this can be monitored from a single dashboard to provide visibility on your campaigns and efforts. According to Promoboxx they’ve seen instances where a retailer has doubled sales utilizing the service.

Tools like this can significantly increase retailer sales but do require an initial investment of resource time to develop the campaigns within Promoboxx. TribalVision helps wholesalers create the content for emails, develop ads, and social strategies to get Promoboxx up and running. Once these campaigns have been developed, wholesalers are able to scale quickly by promoting this platform to their retailers.