Countdown to 2020 Social Media Marketing

Get your party hats and streamers ready because 2020 is going to be a wild one. New year, new you? More like new year, new marketing strategy. If you’re hoping to stay at the forefront of marketing during the next decade, well at least for the next 365 days, then join us in counting down 5 social media marketing must-haves of 2020.

  1. Display Retargeting Ads

Picture this, a customer comes to your website (yes!) but they don’t buy anything (no!), then they close the tab and never think about your product again. Not only is that the shortest, saddest marketing story you’ve ever heard, it’s also one of the easiest ones to fix. Take advantage of visitors who browse your site by adding display retargeting ads to your 2020 Facebook and LinkedIn Ad campaigns. This is a low lift, high reward strategy. Users are already visiting your site, so why not take advantage of that data? Stay top of mind for website visitors by targeting them in a remarketing campaign with eye-catching ads that remind them of your product.

  1. Social Media Filters

SnapChat and Instagram are at the forefront of trendy social media usage. Bring your company up to speed in 2020 by putting your best design foot forward. Get creative and have some fun by developing your own company filter. Having an interactive touchpoint goes a long way when connecting with potential customers. One thing is for sure, selfies aren’t going away anytime soon, so, add a filter to stay at the forefront of the latest trends.

  1. Facebook Lead Generation

With over 2 billion users on Facebook, some of them are bound to be interested in your product. Traditional Facebook ads are a low-cost way to add another touchpoint to your user journey, but they don’t always bring in conversions. Step-up your Facebook game this year by creating a Lead Generation campaign. With an interactive ad, such as a form fill, users who take an interest in your product can easily sign up for more information. Better still, Facebook automatically fills out the form with the users’ information and all they have to do is click “Submit.” Shout out to Facebook’s IT guys who made that one possible!

  1. Shoppable Posts

The internet is pretty advanced nowadays. There are apps to show you when your food will be delivered, there are streaming services to watch your favorite movies any time you want, and you can buy products online with just a click of a button. Customers today are obsessed with efficiency. They want websites to be fast, deliveries to be quick, and service to be speedy. Put the advanced internet and rapid customer needs together and what do you get? Shoppable posts. Make things efficient, easy, and effective by advertising your product using Instagram’s shoppable posts. By tagging your product in a sponsored Instagram post, you make users’ lives easier and increase your chances of landing a conversion. 

  1. Personality

Gone are the days of strict corporate etiquette, 2020 is the year of creativity. Customers appreciate when companies reveal the true personality of the employees that’s so often hidden behind a corporate mask. Be fun and witty in organic social posts. Talk about cool current events even if it has nothing to do with your product. Show some humility by poking fun at your own company. The more customers can see that it’s just another human behind the screen, the more connected they feel to your brand and the more likely they are to support and purchase your product.