How to Get Your Traditional Sales Team Onboard with CRM Technology

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand; so more often than not in today’s digital age, marketers are challenged with the task of implementing CRM systems for their clients’ sales teams. A CRM system, short for Customer Relationship Management, is meant to centralize communication between people and silos of an organization and enhance the sales process, allowing customer data to be tracked and stored throughout the different stages of the pipeline.

So with such a powerful tool at our hands, why are many traditional sales teams resistant to CRM implementation? The answer is easy. It’s part of human nature to be resistant to change, and when the change involves new technology, the resistance is even stronger. New technology means time needs to be spent learning the new technology and current processes, like data entry and reporting, may need to change.

With proper explanation and good reasoning, you can begin to win over your traditional sales team and get them onboard with your chosen CRM system. Here are 3 reasons to share with your team that the new technology will surely benefit them.

1.    Centralized Data

Remind your team that once the CRM is in use, they’ll never have to dig through hundreds of emails or papers to find a customer’s information or to see what the last point of communication was. Many Customer Relationship Management systems like Salesforce and Zoho sync to email and calendar providers creating a single place for all information.

2.    More Mindshare

Forget ever having to memorize a customer’s information again! If used correctly and consistently, a CRM will hold the customers’ (contacts and companies) information for your team so they can use that extra mind share to focus on actual sales.

3.    Streamlined Communication

Whether you believe it or not, big companies often face a lack of communication between silos. With a CRM, your sales team can easily communicate with Customer Service, Marketing, Management, and any other department involved. Those RFPs and PO forms will never again get lost in communication!

Bonus: Competition

This optional feature gives teams the ability to see how other team members are performing from converting leads to reselling existing customers. Turn the stakes up and create some friendly internal competition by offering an incentive!