Ever Heard of HubSpot?

If you’re going to market your company, you need the right tools. Whether you choose to hire outside help or to do it yourself, using the right technology can make the difference in achieving your marketing goals.

One of our favorite inbound marketing platforms for businesses is HubSpot. A pioneer of the inbound marketing revolution, they recognized that interruption is a thing of the past and founded their company on permission based marketing strategies. They offer online marketing and web analytics software designed to help businesses get found online, convert visitors into actual leads, analyze traffic and assess marketing activities so that businesses are most efficient. Some product features include:

  • Tools to create and manage a landing page
  • Blog optimization
  • SEO tools such as Keyword Grader that measure optimization
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Social media monitoring and email marketing tools
  • Marketing, blog and social media analytics

HubSpot is just one example of software that is dedicated to helping SMBs with one-stop, integrated solutions. But why should you care about such products? Simply put: inbound marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to generate more online leads. Leveraging an all-inclusive approach allows your marketing tactics work together to produce better results. Posting a blog with optimized keywords helps generate more inbound links to your corporate website and boosts your search engine ranking so that more customers visit your site.  Investing in social media? Tracking how well each social media medium reaches your audience helps you identify and focus on the most successful channels. By investing in a platform designed to help SMBs manage online marketing, you can increase the profitability and ROI of your marketing efforts – and probably save yourself a few headaches.

Let us know about the small business management tools you love.