How to Launch Your New Product on Social Media

Planning a product launch needs to be a multi-faceted approach — you need to have a clear and consistent campaign strategy across all your brand’s channels. Typically, media buying agencies start this process by developing a campaign concept or theme. But once you nail down your campaign theme and channel breakdown, how do you market your launch on organic social? 

Launching a product on organic social should take a three-tiered funneled approach targeting your brand’s audience. In this blog, you will learn how to move your audience through the awareness, consideration, and decision-making phase using organic social tactics. 

1. Awareness: When a person learns about your product launch    

A key step in building awareness with your target audience is a teaser campaign. A teaser campaign should be implemented across social platforms as well all other marketing channels (email, website, PR, etc.) to create a holistic campaign where we’re engaging users across platforms. A few ideas for implementing a teaser campaign on organic social are: 

  • Interactive Instagram Stories (use the IG-native features like the countdown, polls, quizzes, and question boxes to drive more engagement) 
  • TikTok’s/Reels hinting at what the new product is 
  • Update your social profile bio’s with campaign teaser copy 
  • Plan an Instagram Grid takeover 
  • Determine a campaign hashtag 

Timing: Teasers ( 3-4 weeks pre-launch) 

2. Consideration: When a person takes interest in your new product 

Now that your followers are aware of your product launch, it’s time to shift gears from the teaser phase to the product launch to drive consideration. Promote your product launch on stories and organic posts across all active social media accounts your brand has. Some examples of how you can increase reach are: 

  • Boost the launch post on Instagram targeting your relevant audience 
  • Partner with influencers who will also post content on launch day and weeks following launch
  • Add a product launch story highlight on Instagram 
  • Use your branded campaign hashtag from your teaser campaign across platforms and the influencers you partner with 

Timing: During the product launch 

3. Drive to purchase: the final stage, when a person decides to purchase your new product 

After the initial product launch is complete, continue to drive consumers to purchase by hosting a cross-platform giveaway. Increase reach and offer users multiple chances to win on at least 2 different platforms (Instagram and TikTok often work well).

Timing: 2 weeks post-launch 

Planning your product launch on organic social media can be tricky! TribalVision is here to help brands navigate strategy, implementation, and ongoing support. Get in touch if you need help planning your next launch!