Increase your Rank

Last post, we discussed Google’s PageRank metric and why it is a valuable tool for small business owners. By now you probably know your site’s score, and you may be wondering how you can increase your PageRank. While it might be tempting to post your homepage on as many sites as you can find, don’t. Posting your site to “bad” pages such as link farms can actually lower your score. Instead, we’ve collected a few tips to help you boost your rank on search engines:

  • ABO – Always Be Optimizing. SEO goes hand in hand with PageRank. It is important that your site offers content that is relevant to the types of search terms potential clients are likely to use. Ask yourself, “If I wanted my products, what would I search for?” and add these keywords to your content. Keeping your site current with optimized, regular blog posts can also help boost your search results rank.
  • Make sure all Title, Header and Meta Tags are optimized. If you are unsure about how to do this, find or hire someone to help you.
  • Get links to your business on as many high PageRank web pages as possible to increase the number of inbound links to your site. For example, submit your business to quality online directories. Check the PageRank for the site’s homepage before submitting to ensure that it is a quality site. For example, many trade publications or regional newspapers offer business directories; these sites typically have PageRanks of 6 or higher.

By increasing your PageRank, you can help to move your business higher up on search engine results – pure gold for any small business owner. What techniques have helped you boost your PageRank?

Photo Credit: danardvincente