Instagram Shopping Tips & Tricks

Allow Followers to Buy Directly on Instagram:

Instagram is making it easier than ever for users to buy directly on Instagram without leaving the app. Earlier in 2019, Instagram rolled out in-app shopping that allows businesses and brands to add product tags to feed posts and Stories from a Facebook-generated product catalog. Users are able to tap on a product tag, review the product details such as size and price, and even purchase the item, all within Instagram. 

Not only can you continue to drive awareness and provide great content to your followers, but you can now help guide them to purchase in a new, streamlined way. Within the last 3 months, one TribalVision B2C client has already generated over $2,700 in revenue from Instagram shopping posts and Stories.

Businesses and brands are capitalizing on this new opportunity to generate more conversions on a social platform and with these tips and tricks, so can you. 

Set Up Shopping on Instagram, Correctly

  • Before being able to utilize shoppable posts on Instagram, you must follow a strict checklist for opening an Instagram storefront.
  • Closely read this official Facebook article and ensure you’re eligible. 

Seamlessly Integrate Instagram Shopping Posts in Your Profile

  • Instagram shopping posts allow you to maintain a consistent profile look and feel, with no limitations on the regular post filters and captions.
  • Create shoppable posts that continue to reflect your profile aesthetic to ensure all posts are cohesive.
  • Test out tagging products in both image and video posts as you can tag up to 5 products per image or up to 20 products in a carousel image post. 
  • If multiple products are being tagged in one post, it’s best practice to space them out evenly so they don’t overlap or obstruct the information on the tag.

Don’t Forget About Tagging Products in Your Stories

  • There are over 500 million worldwide Instagram users tapping through Stories each day, so it is absolutely imperative to show off your product to this engaged audience.
  • In Instagram Stories, all you have to do is tap the sticker icon and select the “product” sticker. You can even customize the color of your sticker before sharing your story.
  • Add the shoppable sticker to both images and videos.

Test and Learn How Shoppable Posts Will Best Work for You

  • Since shoppable posts are so simple to set up, it’s even easier to strategize and test how to best utilize these posts.
  • To start, we recommend testing the following:
    • Each week, deploy different amounts of shoppable posts to determine the natural balance of shoppable posts within your feed.
    • Within each of those shoppable posts, be strategic in the specific content within each asset. For example, test shoppable posts on both product and lifestyle-focused assets to determine the type of content that generates more product taps and conversions.