Is Amazon Brand Registry a Crucial Next Step?

As Amazon continues to build an e-commerce empire, it’s vital that sellers understand how to set themselves up for success. If you’ve made it past the basics of optimizing your listings and you understand the fundamentals of paid advertising, you may be wondering what else can be done to drive Amazon revenue? The good news is that there are many new opportunities that you may not know of since they are exclusive to those enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Well then, tell me about Brand Registry
This program exists first and foremost to help brands protect their product listings from fraudulent sellers. Brand protection is the only call out listed on Amazon’s Brand Registry benefits page. So what you may not know is that there are the many exclusive opportunities registered brands receive, from deeper analytics to visually impressive storefronts. Before we dive into the benefits of Brand Registry, it’s crucial to know up front that only Brands with a registered and active text or image-based trademark can apply. If you already have a trademark or have considered it as a next step, keep reading!

When dealing with any tech giant, it’s helpful to understand what motivations are behind their services. In their own words, Amazon strives to be the “Earth’s most customer-centric company” (source). Knowing that consumer trust is paramount in this mission, Amazon has had to fiercely combat counterfeit product listings. Their solution? The more registered brands, the more Amazon can control fraudulent listings and knock-offs. To make it clear how important Brand Registry is, Amazon has continued to roll out new and exciting tools exclusively for registered brands. So without further ado, let’s get into these benefits.

Show Me the Perks

  1. Deeper Analytics Insight
    In February 2019, Amazon launched Brand Analytics, a reporting dashboard exclusive to registered brands. This was a disruptive announcement as companies previously paid a minimum of $30,000/year to have these insights! This analytics tool finally sheds some light on critical information us marketers have been dying to get our hands on – like what the most clicked ASINs (Amazon product identifier) are for a given search term or how popular a given keyword is. (More here on Amazon Brand Analytics).
  2. Exclusive Advertising Opportunities
    If you’ve been eyeing the coveted banner image placement on Amazon, registered brands have access to Sponsored Brands. These ads allow for customized creative with a headline and up to 3 products. (More here on advertising solutions for brand owners).
  3. Additional Content on Product Listings
    We’ve all heard it, content is king. And registered brands have the ability to add Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to their product detail pages such as a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. And as you can imagine, Amazon data has shown adding EBC to your product detail pages can help boost traffic, conversion rates, and sales. (More here on the benefits of EBC).
  4. Access to a Review Program
    Another lesser-known opportunity available only to registered brands is Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program. We all know how stringent, for good reason, Amazon’s review policy can be. But for those products that have under 5 reviews, you can actually pay a small fee of $60 to receive up to 5 reviews. A pretty great deal knowing the weight reviews hold. (More here on Early Reviewer Program).
  5. Ability to Create Storefronts
    One of the most visually impressive opportunities for registered brands is Amazon Storefront, which Amazon totes as, “curated destination for customers to not only shop your products but also learn more about your brand.” Here’s a screenshot of a beautiful Jewelry Storefront TribalVision recently created:
  6. Protection and Peace of Mind
    And lastly, though top of mind for Amazon, brand owners can expedite the process of removing a counterfeit listing because they can easily prove to Amazon that they own the brand. Amazon also promises predictive protection for those that can validate their intellectual property as well as 24/7 Brand Registry Support. For those who have run into counterfeit issues, this is reason enough to enroll! (More here on the counterfeit challenges Amazon faces).

How do I enroll?
If you’re convinced on the impressive opportunities Brand Registry will provide, it’s time to get started. Amazon’s Brand Registry enrollment process is fairly straightforward… as long as you have that trademark! Amazon provides a simple walk-through process to submit trademark information, verify its accuracy, and finally to finish the enrollment. Enroll here!