Optimizing Reels for your Instagram Content Strategy

While Reels have been popular since 2020, Instagram very recently revealed adjustments to their algorithm that will enable Reels from businesses and random users priority over content from accounts you already follow. While this may sound controversial, creators and brands see this as an opportunity to grow their Instagram presence using this apparently powerful feature. Here are 4 ways your brand can optimize Reels to enhance your content strategy: 

  1. Jump on trends…FAST: Trends and trending sounds are constantly changing. Their popularity only remains relevant for a limited period of time. Hopping on trends gives brands a better chance at ending up on the Instagram explore page, and sometimes even leads to their video going viral. If you see a trend that is relevant to your brand, get creative and jump on it.
  2. Include hashtags with relevant keywords: Users can now search for content by looking up hashtags in the search bar.  But remember, you can’t only add hashtags with a high search volume to get more views. Only relevant keywords will help to put your video in front of your target audience. Without a clear hashtag strategy for Instagram Reels, you could be missing out on the opportunity to find people who are truly interested in your brand & content.
  3. Keep Sharing: Optimize all of Instagram’s sharing features to highlight your content. Make sure to share your reels on your story as well as having it on your feed. Keeping your brand aesthetic in mind, upload an Instagram cover image that blends nicely with the rest of your content. 
  4. Optimize text placement: Where you put your on-screen text is very important. Instagram creates new features to be more inclusive and engaging for their users. If your audience can’t easily see the text (closed captions or on screen text), they’re likely to scroll right past your video, which can be a major engagement blocker. 4:5 dimensions is the suggested text size, especially if you’re sharing your reel to your feed.

Make sure your Reels game is strong in 2023, especially if you are looking to strengthen and bring awareness to your brand. Looking for an agency to enhance your social media game? TribalVision is here to help with your social media planning and more, Get in touch with us today!