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TribalVision Announces European Partnership

TribalVision, a Rhode Island based outsourced marketing company , announced today that it will open a European office. Following extensive talks over the few past months, TribalVision has partnered with top-notch consultant Younes Lattenist to create a second office in Belgium.

“Bringing Younes on board represents a perfect marriage of marketing and strategy,” said Chris Ciunci, founder and CEO of TribalVision. “We’re really excited about the prospects and opportunities this expansion will bring.”

Ciunci and Lattenist were first introduced by chance through a mutual acquaintance and immediately connected over their shared interests in marketing strategy and common values. The two discussed Ciunci’s company and its goal to help small to mid sized businesses market smarter by providing access to affordable, cutting edge resources and strategies that were previously unavailable to smaller companies.

“When I saw what Chris was pulling together,” Lattenist said, “it resonated with me given my own experience working with companies who oftentimes severely lacked the marketing expertise needed to survive in today’s ultra-competitive business climate.”

After learning about TribalVision, Lattenist, who was working for McKinsey at the time, offered to bring his consulting expertise on board with TribalVision’s revolutionary  business model. Conversation soon turned to serious discussions about the prospect of opening an office in Belgium.

“At least five companies that I had recently worked with immediately came to mind that could use TribalVision’s outsourced offering,” Lattenist said. “It was clear to me that there was a real need for this type of marketing in the business world, and I felt that there would be a warm reception for TribalVision’s solutions in Europe.”

Ciunci added, “TribalVision’s customer value proposition begins with developing a sound business strategy. With Younes’ background as a McKinsey strategy consultant, we could not have found a better fit.”

Building out a European footprint also has long term benefits for the TribalVision as more and more businesses look to expand abroad.

“In such a global economy, having a second office abroad is a huge asset,” Ciunci said. “Even small to mid-sized companies are operating globally. Ultimately, we hope to offer on-the-ground marketing support to clients looking to expand internationally.”

About TribalVision
TribalVision is a marketing consulting firm whose mission is to help small to midsize companies market smarter. As a marketing department for hire, TribalVision is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the traditional marketing solutions available to the business community. TribalVision’s value-add includes strategy crafting, channel-mix optimization, tactics implementation, executive leadership services and brand building.

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