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TribalVision launches e-Book to promote its New-Age outsource marketing philosophy.

Firm also using Web 2.0 e-book medium for client brand-building efforts.

Taking advantage of the Web 2.0 tools that the firm espouses to its clients and followers, TribalVision has launched an e-Book entitled Build Your Tribe to communicate its own brand story in an engaging way.

“The idea of storytelling is a central tenet of our core philosophy,” says Chris Ciunci, founder and CEO of TribalVision. “And what better medium could there be than a book format? Especially since an e-book can be published so quickly and cost-effectively.”

Operating essentially as a marketing department for hire, TribalVision’s value-add is in leveraging today’s low-cost Web 2.0 tools to effectively level the playing field for small and midsize enterprises. Its usage of e-books as a tribe-building marketing channel is an example of the postmodern “pull” marketing that has arisen in the face of the decreased effectiveness of traditional “push” marketing.

“Consumers in general are tired of the “pardon my interruption” techniques that have long been the staple of mass marketing,” Ciunci explains. “They really don’t want to be ‘sold’ anymore. So our job is to find a way to get your company into the conversation, without alienating the very people you’re trying to engage.”

Another attractive characteristic of an e-book is its ability to communicate on a more comprehensive and deeper level than the typical marketing piece or advertisement. When written and positioned the right way, it can be a powerful tool for establishing thought leadership and moving mindsets.

“In today’s ultra-competitive marketing communications environment, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd,” Ciunci says. “Especially when you consider the ground traditional media has lost in terms of audience and effectiveness. New media channels such as e-books, white papers and webinars provide a way to build trust and credibility by providing content to readers that is directly relevant to their goals, desires and needs.”

With this in mind, TribalVision also offers a soup-to-nuts package of services to its clients: from initial content development through design and distribution. For the distribution of its own Build Your Tribe e-book, the firm chose, an innovative web-based solution for online publishing that has quickly gained favor among major content providers, corporations and the research community. The accessibility and ease-of-use of Issuu was a major factor in its selection.

“The technology is at a point now where it’s both self-serve and plug-and-play,” Ciunci concludes. “The only investment needed by a client is the development cost of the e-book content itself. With our ability to function as a virtual CMO, we’re also equipped to source top-notch talent through our nationwide network of partners and subcontractors. This enables us to produce a high-quality product for a surprisingly low cost.”