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TribalVision Managing Partner Chris Ciunci Presents Market Smarter Workshop


TribalVision Founder and Managing Partner Chris Ciunci conducted a 90-minute Market Smarter workshop at the Providence Marriott on November 12th. The presentation, “10 Marketing Tips To Drive Top Line Growth,” offered practical tips for growing any business year over year for the 50 small business owners, CEOS, and executives in attendance.

Standard marketing tactics no longer suffice in today’s complex marketing landscape, and Ciunci offered an alternate definition of marketing for this new era. Marketing is now an inter-departmental task that encompasses all areas of a business. Marketing efforts should be judged based on business results, and every facet of a business affects the bottom line.

Instead of devoting time to one-off traditional tactics, marketers must pursue a holistic plan designed to grow the business. As detailed by Ciunci, marketers should be “in the trenches” at all times. They must understand every step in the consumer journey and every process in the company in order to streamline both and continually drive growth.

After redefining marketing, Ciunci provided actionable insights into how to immediately begin transforming a business. Opportunities discussed included; crafting an impactful marketing plan, developing quality assets, adding in the right marketing metrics, revamping a digital presence, and implementing marketing automation software.

Attendees across all industries left the presentation with both immediately applicable ideas and a new way of looking at marketing. One attendee interviewed commented, “I hadn’t previously thought of marketing as so all-encompassing. Chris’ presentation gave me some great new ideas that I can take back with me today and implement immediately at my organization.”

Ciunci was thrilled to hear the positive responsive to the Market Smarter workshop, saying, “Our mission at TribalVision is to help organizations grow, so I am always happy to see our learnings having an impact in the business community.”


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