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TribalVision offers lean outsource marketing solutions for challenging times.

Firm’s “virtual CMO” approach combines tribe-building techniques with a metrics-driven focus.

Recognizing that more companies than ever are in need of streamlined, cost-effective marketing solutions, TribalVision has created a new model for outsourced services that leverages the power of today’s interactive Web 2.0 channels.

“At a time when enterprises are looking for every opportunity to cut costs and boost margins, marketing is certainly an area where they can’t afford to waste money,” says Chris Ciunci, TribalVision founder & CEO.

Providing what is essentially a marketing department for hire, the TribalVision outsourced model offers several key benefits to business owners looking for ways to cut costs during these difficult economic times. These benefits, according to Ciunci, are as follows:

  1. A no-overhead approach. “For most small to midsize companies today, an annual investment of well into six figures for an inhouse department just doesn’t compute. With our streamlined cost model, there are no health and retirement benefits to pay, and no executive salaries to absorb.”
  2. Marketing becomes a variable expense. “Our clients pay only for the services they use – for the length of time needed. This lean and flexible approach is markedly different than maintaining a year-round staff of inhouse professionals.”
  3. Top-flight talent at reasonable rates. “TribalVision has developed a nationwide network of trusted partners and freelance service providers. This enables us to assemble virtual teams of seasoned pros to execute a host of creative, new-media and marketing strategies/tactics.”
  4. Cost-effective leveraging of Web 2.0 tools. “The use of mass media has always been expensive. We get comparable or better results with the interactive tribe-buiding strategies at our disposal. It’s not unusual to cut the cost of the overall effort in half.”
  5. Metrics and measurement for maximum ROI. “An important linchpin in the TribalVision strategy is the development of effective infrastructures for tracking and measurement. There are so many low-cost channels for getting your message out there. Plus, we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions. Like how many customers did we bring in this month? How do we increase that next month?”
  6. Higher quality at a lower cost. “The way TribalVision can elevate the quality of the overall effort, while lowering a client’s cost structure, is really the icing on the cake. The level of expertise we offer is something most companies think they can’t afford – nor find under one roof.”
  7. Unbiased, bottom-line focus. “We still think our biggest value-add is the ability to help companies market smarter. Our open-architecture model eliminates entrenched interests – enabling us to function as a strategic advisor who’s completely aligned with our clients’ best interests.”