Setting Up Cold Calling 2.0 for Success

Getting The Most Out Of Cold Calling 2.0

Gone are the days of cold intros to prospects who have never heard of your brand or what you do – Cold Calling 2.0 replaces traditional cold calling via phone with sending personalized introduction emails to prospects.

The framework focuses on using a dedicated and automated process for reaching out to cold or inactive accounts in order to create and qualify new sales opportunities prior to passing them to a sales team to close the deal. In other words, Cold Calling 2.0 allows you to get a system in place to nurture and qualify those cold leads you’re sourcing and keep your sales team happy by only passing relevant and engaged individuals their way.

In their most effective form, Cold Calling 2.0 emails will appear to be a personalized, one-to-one message through the use of merge-fields. This personalization encourages better recipient response rates than traditional marketing emails that are obviously batch and blast.

When launching a Cold Calling 2.0 campaign, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account:

  • Building Your List
    • If you’re going to be purchasing a larger list, some reputable and affordable providers include Exact Data, B2B Data Services, DMDatabases, MountainTop Data, ZoomInfo, and Salesgenie.
    • If you are going the more account-based targeted approach, some useful manual prospecting tools include LeadIQ, Leadiro, and Hunter.
  • List Deliverability
    • Any cold list (dated or purchased) should always be run through data validation tools such as, Tower Data, Xverify, NeverBounce, and DataValidation just to name a few. This helps to keep bounces down and you are less likely to get flagged by your email platform.
  • Protecting Your Domain Integrity
    • When conducting Cold Calling 2.0, it’s very important to protect your company’s domain by setting up what is called a “dummy” domain through a provider like GoDaddy. 
    • In addition, you’ll want to create an email address that’s associated with that new domain so that you can send all emails through that sender.
  • Selecting the Right Platform
    • There are a few platforms that are great for this type of cold emailing because of their leniency when it comes to cold outreach and uploading purchased lists. Some options include SendGrid, Apollo, and PersistIQ.
  • Crafting the Right Message
    • You’ll want these emails to be short and sweet in terms of length. Remember, these are supposed to appear as if they are coming from a real person within your organization, so keep the messaging casual yet professional. 
    • The goal of these emails should be to 1.) get a response from the prospect to set up a call/meeting or 2.) get passed along to the right contact or department within the prospect’s organization.
  • Defining a Lead Handoff Process
    • Finally, for Cold Calling 2.0 to truly be effective and drive results you will need to define a process for 1.) identifying engaged prospects and 2.) passing along those individuals to the right team members of your sales force.
    • Having a system in place will ensure no leads fall through the cracks and your sales team can make the most efficient use of their time.

Happy hunting!