The Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Department

marketing department outsourcing advantages
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Key Benefits


Effective marketing requires a wide range of expertise. Outsourced marketing firms are made up of a variety of specialists who you don’t need to dedicate any time or energy towards training.


Companies can’t afford to spend money without measurable results. Outsourced marketing firms should be held accountable for the results they drive by regularly providing robust reporting.


Markets are constantly changing in today’s economy. Outsourced marketing firms alleviate some of the stress of staying up to date by having instantly prepared and specialized teams on standby.

Cross-Industry Knowledge

Given their clients cover a variety of markets, outsourced marketing firms have a wealth of cross-industry knowledge and expertise. An in-house hire can’t possibly have the breadth of knowledge an outsourced team has.


After salary, technology, training and benefits, an internal hire is often a major expense. An outsourced marketing team alleviates these costs and is only paid for its time, saving money in the long-run.


Internal hires will always eventually have a bias towards their company. Outsourced marketing firms bring a fresh, objective view, similar to how a new consumer would when introduced to the company.

Speed to Market

Time is money–companies can’t afford to waste time if they want to stay above the competition. With a larger team and library of resources, outsourced marketing firms can produce deliverables faster than an in-house team.