Three Must-Have AdWords Conversions

Setting up and tracking conversions in AdWords is essential to understand where your marketing dollars are going. It is very simple to implement, yet the vast majority of AdWords accounts do not track conversions. Here are three must-have conversions for your AdWords account:

Track Mobile Phone Calls

If your business’s mobile website displays a clickable phone number, you can track leads in AdWords. Customers who visit your website on their mobile phone, see a clickable phone number, and call are tracked as conversions in AdWords.  Tracking calls is a helpful feature to understand how new customers are finding your business through Google AdWords.

Track Form Submissions 

After launching an AdWords campaign, a business owner may receive an influx in form submissions, such as contact us forms, request more information forms, etc. You could make assumptions about the AdWords campaign driving new traffic to the website or you could track those submissions.

Adding a small snippet of HTML and JavaScript code to the page customers see after they complete a form submission tracks conversions in your AdWords account.  Tracking these conversions allows you to directly correlate leads and closed deals to your AdWords spend.

Track Online Sales

If your business has an e-commerce website you can determine ROAS (return on advertising spend) by assigning monetary value to your conversions. Tracking sales via AdWords makes it easy for you to understand how much revenue is generated from your campaigns.

Similar to tracking form submissions, adding a small snippet of HTML and JavaScript code to the page customers view after they purchase from your website will track conversions.  This is the most tangible type of AdWords conversion tracking.