Three Prospecting Tools that Won’t Break the Bank

Any business owner can relate to the common struggle of filling the pipeline with potential prospects. They have a target audience in mind that can consist of company size, job title, or any other defining criteria but don’t know how to get in touch with these people. What many business owners don’t know is that there are tools out there that have been created to specifically address this issue: getting direct contact information for a target audience. What is even better, is that most can be setup within minutes and won’t break the bank. Below are three potential prospecting tools business owners can consider when addressing their prospecting needs.

Lead IQ: Allows companies to build prospect lists off of individual LinkedIn and AngieList Profiles. It guarantees a 95% delivery on all verified emails and will also tell you the confidence score for unverified emails. It easily organizes leads into a Google Sheet or CSV file and syncs directly with Salesforce. Setup is simple and prospecting can begin in just 5 minutes. They do have a free trial that provides individuals with 50 free credits (a verified email = 1 credit). Monthly subscriptions can range from $50 for 150 credits to $225 for 1,000 credits. There are also custom team packages available upon request.

Hunter: Allows companies to enter in a website domain and auto generates a list of emails associated with that website and the confidence score for each email. It also allows you to download leads as a CSV and can sync directly with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho or Zapier. Hunter also provides an email verifying tool so if a business already has an existing list of email addresses and wants to check on which are verified and which are not, they can upload a bulk list and get those results. Monthly subscriptions can range from a free account that allows for 150 requests (1 request can be either a domain search, email finder, or email verification) to $399 for 50,000 requests.

Anymail Finder: Allows a business to type in a potential prospect company and select “all employees” and will generate a list of any verified emails for employees within that organization. It also has a LinkedIn integration piece that allows companies to quickly build lists of people. An organization can also upload a large list of domains and contacts and Anymail will auto-populate the list with verified emails. They have direct server validation and only charge for verified emails. Monthly subscriptions range from $18 for 200 verified emails to $199 for 10,000 verified emails.

These prospecting platforms are still in the infancy stages (most are less than 3 years old), but are beginning to pop up more frequently around the web. For minimal investment, most companies should at least look into setting up a free trial and if the lists they are generating look promising, look into the plan that makes the most sense for their need.