Three Web Directories to Put Your Business at the Top of Google

Web directories are organized web site listings put together by human reviewers. Similarly to desktop directories, where you gather files in a directory based on some criterion, web directories are just enormous collections of links to sites, arranged in different categories.

Companies have the power to utilize web directories to improve their organic search rankings. The first step is to build a company profile on these directories by filling in information about your organization. These web directories achieve high Google search ranking because they are credible resources that many people visit, which is a key factor in SEO success.

Here are the three top directories that will improve your SEO:


  • Why is it important?
    • Google is the main player in search results, so it makes sense that having a listing on their social platform (Google+) will increase your ranking. When your business gets on Google, you make it easier for customers to find information about your organization online, including hours, contact information and directions. Your verified business information will appear in maps, helping customers find your business and increase your local searches.
  • How do you build a directory listing?
    1. Simply log in or create a free account at
    2. Click “Add New Business” to claim your listing.
    3. Then, verify your information. You can also add in extras like photos and descriptions.

  • Why is it important?
    • is a leading local marketing solutions provider. Essentially the company took the printed Yellow Pages in the Phone Book and placed it in on a digital platform. Most businesses remember how important it was to be listed in the Yellow Pages of the Phone Book. Well not much has changed, and it is even more important to be listed on their digital platform.
  • How do you build a directory listing?
    1. Create an account for your business by visiting this link
    2. Add in the “basic” information about your business.
    3. Check your email. You will have to confirm your account there.
    4. Log in to Yellow Pages again (or follow the link from your email). Now once you have logged in you will see in the top right corner you have some options.
    5. Customize your business profile. The Location tab allows you to tell where your business is located. The Reviews section is where you can access and monitor reviews written about your business. The Photos tab allows you to upload pictures and place them in your account.

  • Why is it important?
    • is very similar to It is a local-search engine with a database of over 16 million business listings. Regardless if your business targets customers across the globe or only a few miles away these location based directories are credible resources that drive SEO. helps search engines understand what your business does based on your directory listing information.
  • How do you build a directory listing?
    1. To create your business listing visit:
    2. Fill out the information about your business.
    3. You will receive an email confirming your listing. After confirmation, your listing will be published onto the site.

It is essential that your business submit listings with these three directories in order to achieve top Google search ranking positions.  In addition, your company should build profiles on industry specific web directories. For example, if you are a manufacturer, your organization should be on To figure out these industry specific sites, simply perform a Google search of “[your industry] web directories”.