Tout It Out

Aside from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, there’s an emerging social media leader that is worth taking a look at: Tout is a video-based, real-time social media network that enables users to upload 15-second videos as their status updates. The layout of the status updates looks similar to Pinterest with a home screen feed filled with visually appealing boxes to choose from: sort of a Pinterest of constantly updated video Facebook statuses which represents a hybrid of both social media giants in one place.

The possibilities here are limitless. With nearly half of all American adults using smartphones, and therefore carrying around video capability right in their pockets, the notion that people can stop, record a 15-second clip, and upload it as a status update is a potential goldmine for businesses.

Imagine what your company could do with Tout:

  • Host a testimonial contest in which the customer whose positive video testimonial is shared the most wins a promotional item, coupon, or gift certificate.
  • Run “name that product” contests and similar fun promotions with nothing more than an idea and a smartphone.
  • Announce new products with video demonstrations, and watch those videos and their descriptions automatically push as status updates to your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Provide better customer service. Have a customer with a question that’s just better answered visually? Record your response and push it right to Tout!
  • Keep customers engaged by keeping your face, name, and brand in front of them in a more dynamic way than by text updates alone.

Tout is new but growing exponentially. Log on today (you can even join by logging in with your Facebook account) and take a look around. Already on We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think so far and tell us how you’re using Tout!