Transform Your Sales Process with Video-based Outreach

Here’s a fact that shouldn’t surprise you: the use of video has exploded in the business world. It now dominates the social media feeds we scroll through, the ads we get delivered, the search engines we use, and… the B2B sales processes we participate in?

It’s never been more difficult to attract (and keep) our target audience’s attention, reach new potential buyers, and create the connections necessary to close a sale. That’s why businesses are now leveraging video as a part of their sales process to shorten their sales cycles, differentiate from their competition, and build a more human-led process.

According to one HubSpot study, the most challenging part of the traditional B2B sales process is getting in touch, and connecting, with prospects. It’s hard to stand out today in the age of oversaturated email marketing, clogged inboxes, and sales outreach sameness.

Here are three easy ways to incorporate video into YOUR sales process to cut through the noise, generate more replies, and establish connections that build trust and accelerate the sales cycle.

1. The Cold Outreach

Like any normal introduction email to a prospect you’ve identified, do your necessary research into the recipient and their title, responsibilities, and potential challenges. Then, record and attach a video personalized for your prospect to the email you’re sending. 

Even better: do so while screen recording their organization’s website or their LinkedIn account. Use this attention-grabbing technique to outline the problems your product or service uniquely solves that are most relevant to their role and their company. After the relevance of your outreach has been confirmed, encourage them to take the next step—like booking a meeting.

2. The Proposal Walkthrough

With video, gone are the days of sending your proposal via email and crossing your fingers for a signature—or even a response. Do they understand the terms? Is there any pushback to your proposed solution? Wouldn’t they find more value in agreeing to meet with you to discuss?

Now, when you send your proposals to prospects in your pipeline, include a video that walks through the document in greater detail. Confirm the discussion points from earlier conversations and connect the dots between their problems and goals, and what your company can deliver on. Explain the terms, the pricing, and whatever else your proposals include. This support video, if done right, can turn a significant amount of stalled deals into new customers.

3. The FAQ Folder

Okay, this one’s cheating a bit as this is a collection of videos vs. a single video type, but consider the most common questions your sales and/or support teams get. What are the top five or ten questions that come in seemingly every sales call? What is your primary value prop? Your customer service team setup? The distinction between product or service types?

Record the boilerplate answer for each common question, keeping it generic enough to be repurposed for multiple prospects across the user journey, and keep that folder handy next time these questions emerge. You’ll thank yourself later and yield double the benefits: you no longer have to spend the time to write out the answer AND you get to drive a more human connection with video.

Long story short, video selling is the future. According to Sales Hacker, 1-to-1 video, at 21%, is the channel most likely to elicit a reply from a prospect. Prospects looking to buy find it helpful and companies looking to sell find it beneficial. Transform your sales process today with video—before your competitors do it first.