How To Use YouTube to Boost Your SEO

Embedding YouTube videos on your website is a great way to boost SEO. YouTube has a high domain authority, and therefore not only will adding these videos to your website keep users on your page longer, it will also boost your rankings. If you have a video with engaging content that you want on more than one page of your website, use these steps below in order to not have duplicate content.
  1. In order to boost SEO, and have the same video on multiple pages without getting flagged for duplicate content, you must create multiple versions of the same video. YouTube does not allow you to upload a video more than once, so we recommend changing the first or last screen of the video slightly so that it can be uploaded multiple times. Programs like Animoto allow you to add a screen at the beginning or end of a video.
  2. Once these videos are created, you can add them all to your YouTube account. For user experience, you don’t want to have the video on your page multiple time, so we recommend marking it “unlisted” so only someone with the link can find it.
  3. Next, you will need to create a title and description for each version of the video. Try and use as many keywords as possible and make the information coincide with the website page you will be adding the video on.
  4. Once this is complete, you can hit publish and grab the embed link and add it to your website pages.
Don’t feel like you need a ton of video content in order to have multiple videos on your website. As long as you have one strong video, you can alter it slightly and not be penalized for duplicate content. Having YouTube videos on your website will engage users and boost rankings.

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