What to Do About Those Negative Glassdoor Reviews

During the last few years, Glassdoor has become a crucial platform during the job search process. Candidates frequently check Glassdoor to learn about a company when applying and interviewing. Job applicants often base many of their assumptions about a company upon their Glassdoor reviews. According to Glassdoor, over 40 million people visit Glassdoor on a monthly basis.

Understandably so, companies are often curious what to do about those negative reviews. The average review on Glassdoor is a 3.3 rating. Reviews on a company’s Glassdoor profile can be varied, and often a few bad reviews can drive down the overall rating. While most applicants are willing to read through reviews to get a general idea of what it is like to work at the company, a bad rating can still be troublesome.

Now, the big question, can you delete the negative Glassdoor reviews?

The answer is…no! Removing negative reviews is against company policy, as the purpose of Glassdoor is to protect the anonymity of past and current employees and their opinions.

However, there are some things you can do to help boost your company’s rating:

Short-Term Strategy

  1. Add photos and videos that display positive company culture on your profile so applicants overlook the negative reviews.
  2. Send an email to current employees asking them to review your company using a Glassdoor template (template #5). The people happiest with your company are probably your current employees!
  3. Link your website and social media accounts to Glassdoor, increasing the volume of reviews.

Long-Term Strategy

  1. Deploy an anonymous survey to your employees to figure out what your employees like and dislike at your company. This is a long-term strategy to make employees happier and in turn have better reviews on the page.

While you cannot control who posts reviews, it is crucial that companies manage their Glassdoor profiles to maximize the positive power of the platform and minimize any negative reviews.


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