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Take Marketing and Sales to the Next Level with HubSpot

Regardless of the breadth of your organization’s Sales, Marketing, and Service activities, HubSpot can be your one-platform solution. For TribalVision clients, we have been able to:

  • Improve email open rates by 30% 
  • Increase transactions by 45% 
  • Drive an attributable ROI of 250+%
  • Increase overall revenue by 30% 
  • and more …

During the webinar we were joined by HubSpot power user and TribalVision client, James Gervais, President, COO, & Director of Innovation at LaserStar Technologies Corporation. He shared some of the tools and resources his organization leverages every day to drive quantifiable business results.

What You Will Learn


Learn how to eliminate inconsistencies in urgency, cadence, and content for your frontline email marketing efforts. We've also highlighted ways to create more effective, personalized content in order to nurture leads, track their engagements, and set up automated touchpoints designed to drive them toward conversion.

Service and Support

Within HubSpot's Service Hub, we've detailed new ways to manage your entire support function. Whether it is with help desks, ticketing, or chatbots, you will be ready to delight customers with custom engagements, valuable resources, and timely support.


Discover how to fully leverage the HubSpot sales solution so your team can focus its time on the most valuable leads and building relationships. You will learn how to integrate HubSpot into your existing processes and automate lead follow-up and other activities to reduce the strain on internal resources.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We will show you how you can set up detailed reporting and data visualization to track campaign performance with metrics and KPIs like MQL volume, conversion rate, cost-per-lead, traffic trends by source, and ROAS.

Guest Speaker: James Gervais from LaserStar Technologies

James Gervais
President, COO & Director of Innovation
James is the President and COO of LaserStar Technologies, a global manufacturer and supplier of laser sources for welding, cutting, marking, and deep engraving. Jim has been with LaserStar for over 30 years of the company’s 63-year history, consistently bringing excellence to his company and customers.
LaserStar Technologies
The Power of Hot Light
LaserStar Technologies was founded in 1957 in Riverside, Rhode Island. With locations now covering the nation in Orlando, Florida and Arcadia, California – and supported by a team of highly-qualified applications engineers and service technicians – LaserStar provides innovative laser solutions across multiple different industries.

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