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2021 Will Be a Year Unlike Any Other.
Build Your Marketing Strategy Accordingly.

Despite these complicated times that have many teams running on fumes, marketers are still being tasked with codifying their 2021 marketing budgets in the coming weeks. Since the same recycled strategy just won’t work in our new digital-dependent marketing environment, this is the time to update your approach for the new year. To help alleviate the stress on internal marketing teams we’ve designed our 2021 digital marketing playbook to help you put in play marketing strategies, tactics, and tools right-sized for today.

What You Will Learn

Sales in the New Normal

With the in-person handshake business on hold, learn how to prepare your organization for digital-first sales. This includes platforms and tools you will want to have in place to support your sales efforts.

Digital Advertising Best Practices

The approach to digital advertising, just like everything else, has quickly evolved in 2020. Our playbook will review the new PPC and social media advertising best practices that you want to have in place moving forward. This includes bid strategy, quality score optimization, and more.

New Approaches to Prospecting

Your target markets and customers have likely changed in the last 7 months. We will share prospecting strategies to use in order to better identify and reach organizations currently enjoying tailwinds.

The Impact of Digitization on Marketing

Digital marketing has always been a part of a company's strategy, but with tradeshows and other in-person events postponed, organizations are going full-throttle on the digital marketing front. Learn how you too can lean into digital advertising to rebuild your sales funnel in the new year.

Step Up Your 2021 Digital Marketing Game!

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