Customer Retention

Customer retention via loyalty marketing

Aligning with the customer decision journey.

For decades, the customer decision journey was viewed as a “sales funnel” — where customers quickly narrow down the brands they’re considering until the all-important point of sale.

Today, with the explosion of product choices, digital marketing and advertising channels and available knowledge, the customer’s decision journey is much less straightforward. It is typically shaped over a period of time by a variety of messaging touchpoints — and doesn’t end at the point of sale.

At TribalVision, the foundation of our loyalty marketing efforts is our ability to map this complex decision journey — while helping you to fine-tune and maximize the various touchpoints that influence customer decisions and loyalty over time.

The goal is to create a “wow” experience at every turn in the customer relationship. TribalVision will help you to map out and strengthen every current touchpoint, and suggest new ones to add to the mix. Then we look to increase your “wow” factor across the board through powerful, loyalty-building “after the sale” experiences.

Various retention
strategies we use.

At TribalVision, we’ve developed a number of strategic methods to help our clients generate more business from their existing customers. These methods, which go above and beyond those offered by other marketing firms, include:

Decision Journey

TribalVision works with organizations to chart out and strengthen the overall customer’s journey. This starts with identifying how a consumer (or buyer at a company) researches your possible solution and then follows the individual’s journey from their pre-purchase experience through to the post-purchase stage. Using our decision journey framework, organizations can dramatically strengthen existing prospect and customer touchpoints while identifying gaps where new touchpoints can be added.

Customer Outreach Calendar Build-out

After mapping out and prioritizing your various customers and touchpoints, we create a systematic outreach calendar for you to follow. All in one place, you can see everything that is scheduled to take place across the multiple marketing channels and approaches in play. This enables you to be proactive instead of reactive with your customer engagement — by knowing which messages need to go to which audiences, how often, and when.


Database Segmentation

When it comes to the potential for winning more business, all customers are not created equal. If you’re one of three main suppliers, chances are there’s more business to be had. If you’re already getting 90% of a customer’s business, there’s not much room for growth.

Through expert database segmentation, TribalVision first helps you to prioritize your customer growth opportunities. Then we devise specific outreach and messaging strategies to go after your A-List clients, B-List, C-List, and so forth. This includes customized sales decks for each client, along with a detailed calendar to prioritize your contact effort.


Advisory Boards

When you empower customers not only to provide feedback but to actually have a voice in your company, it’s a powerful factor. A successful technique we’ve used for a number of clients is the development of a customer advisory board.

TribalVision assembles a board of five to ten key clients to provide feedback on your overall service, to help refine existing offerings, and to be involved in product development. This outside-the-box solution for loyalty marketing is another example of our “in the trenches” style of engagement — and goes beyond the typical generic online customer survey.

Customer Summit Events

Another unique retention tactic we offer is the organization of a customer summit. In this scenario, we unite your top customers in an active and collaborative discussion. Summit activities can include thought leadership discussions, in-depth discussion of your company’s offerings, and general “customer bonding” in relaxed, social settings. Our responsibilities include: identification and ranking of key customers, personalized outreach, creation of the summit agenda/content, venue selection and setup, along with post-event thank yous and follow-up.


Off-Peak Promotions

The creation of targeted promotions to take advantage of non-peak hours or seasonal downtimes is a proven way to increase sales — especially among your loyal brand advocates. Business-building ideas that TribalVision has implemented include customized referral programs, flash deals, and red envelope surprises — all designed to encourage participation from existing customers. Our role often includes identification of the most promising sub-audiences to target, along with strategies to add value to the promotion/offer.

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