Demand Generation

Channeling your dollars
to the greatest effect.

If you’ve hired a marketing firm in the past, chances are you’ve been disappointed. It’s probably due to their misguided focus on creative genius over tangible results — along with their unwillingness to truly roll up their sleeves to find new, more effective ways for generating new business.

At TribalVision, everything we do is focused on generating more business for your organization. The fact is, once we’ve developed a properly written strategy, our well-thought-out recommendations for lead generation tactics flow directly from that foundation. By taking all available tactics into account, TribalVision gives your lead generation effort a much better chance at success — as opposed to diving in randomly without the benefit of a holistic strategy. A key aspect of our job is to deep-dive into the marketing channels, to help you select and prioritize the appropriate ones. We then create customized campaigns to leverage those channels. The ultimate goal is to generate as many leads with the fewest marketing dollars possible.

Lead generation and B2B marketing efforts that dig deeper.

The standard lead generation tactics that all other firms boast about are pretty generic — i.e. SEO, content marketing, paid search (PPC) and the like. These “inbound marketing 101” type tactics are just the beginning for us. With our deeply engaged “in the trenches” approach, TribalVision takes lead generation and B2B marketing to a far deeper level. Here are a few examples of additional tactics we’ve used on a daily basis to generate leads and business for our clients:
Account Based Marketing ( ABM ) - targets key accounts to market your product or service to

Account Based
Marketing (ABM)

In contrast to standard wide-reaching campaigns, ABM targets specific accounts that are likely to express interest in the product or service you are selling. At TribalVision, we identify our client’s ideal audiences and create personalized multi-touchpoint campaigns that target companies and contacts across a variety of channels, including email, Google Display, social, direct mail, retargeting, and more. By targeting these specific accounts and creating personalized campaigns based on the needs of each account, there is a much higher chance that these leads will convert.

Social Media Outreach

A systematic and rigorous process that leverages social media to identify and reach out to key influencers and people who deeply need what you have to offer. The standardized process includes: identification of the right outlets to reach your audience including news publications, bloggers, media outlets and other influencers; execution of targeted outreach programs using strategically selected outlets; coordination and oversight of media interviews; and detailed tracking of all placements.

Media Buying

Any agency can place a general media buy to “see what sticks.” At TribalVision, we use advanced analytics and metrics to ensure your media dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. Our proprietary media buying framework considers factors such as cost-per-thousand (CPM), cost-per-point (CPP), average quarterly hour (AQH) before placing a buy — and is followed by intensive monitoring to refine your media placements going forward.

B2C or B2B email marketing strategies that generate more demand via inbound leads

Email Marketing

Outreach strategies that are way beyond the typical one-size-fits-all email blast approach. At TribalVision, we create sophisticated drip email marketing campaigns that strengthen top-of-mind awareness for our clients. A detailed email content calendar includes multiple messages for specific audiences. Corresponding landing pages with strong calls to action are customized to maximize conversion rates. A/B testing is used to further refine the messages being used. Whether you’re looking for B2C or B2B marketing, the perfect email strategy can convert those on-the-fence customers and become another touch point to connect with prospects.

Event Management

The organization of exclusive peer events where key industry players share views about their specific challenges. Participation in these events helps our clients to establish credibility and thought leadership while strengthening their overall lead generation efforts. Our responsibilities include: prospect identification, personalized outreach, presentation creation, venue setup, post-event thank yous and CRM integration.

Database Segmentation

A thorough opportunity assessment of current key accounts to increase penetration and identify untapped commercial potential. TribalVision provides a clear roadmap to capture this business value. We do this by identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities, followed by an outreach strategy that results in significant new B2C or B2B business development.

Trade Show Support
& Follow-Up

Complete coordination of trade show events including booth design, messaging and layout; pre- and post-event email outreach; VIP invitations and cocktail reception development; and post-show CRM lead integration to optimize sales.

Webinar Development
& Hosting

Development of branded webinars to educate customers, partners and prospects about specific areas of interest. The in-depth knowledge we amass on all aspects of your business enables us to create, promote and deliver webinar presentations with strong calls to action throughout. These webinars can be viewed in real-time, in addition to being recorded, shared and posted to your website.

LinkedIn Outreach

An InMail message on LinkedIn is 10 times more likely to get a response than a standard email. Knowing this, we develop and build out comprehensive LinkedIn outreach campaigns that identify key prospects — while using customized, well-crafted InMail messages to create targeted sales opportunities.

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