Marketing Audits and Due Diligence

Providing peace of mind to ensure you make the right investment decisions.

When a potential acquisition is in play, it is crucial to review the target’s marketing presence in order to establish a brand’s current and potential value. To assist with this aspect of due diligence, TribalVision offers comprehensive marketing audits and assessments to private equity and investment firms. Our marketing function deep dive will provide a full picture of overall brand equity, opportunity analysis, the value of existing marketing assets, and mar-tech stack debt. We will also provide industry-benchmarks and pro forma projections for recommended marketing initiatives to drive and capture new business. The audit will provide a summation of our team’s collective analysis and recommendations, packaged so you can properly determine the value of potential acquisitions and portfolio companies.

Assess and strengthen the marketing function of portfolio businesses and potential acquisitions

The following are specific areas TribalVision will review during our comprehensive marketing audit.

Branding and Messaging

TribalVision will review the organization’s brand messaging, value propositions, proof points, and mission statement. After comparing it to competitors in the same industry, we will provide recommendations for updates based on the identified gaps and opportunities. This exercise will also include an in-depth audit of any marketing assets in use or previously deployed including, but not limited to: website, sales assets, social media profiles, content marketing initiatives, and videos. For each asset, we will provide recommended updates based on industry standards, and forecast the time and resources required to ready those assets to meet your overall growth objectives.

Lead Generation Activities

Since our team’s first and foremost area of expertise is advanced lead generation campaigns and initiatives, we will review activities currently being leveraged and provide a complete picture of potential opportunities for improvement. We will then project the results you can expect from future lead generation initiatives based on industry benchmarks. Our assessment will provide you strong indicators of where lead generation efforts have fallen short and where there is room to grow, so you have a solid understanding of the overall marketing opportunity for the business in question.

Martech Stack Audit

Since marketing technology is evolving faster than ever, we find that many organizations find themselves needlessly committed to overpriced platforms that have been replaced by less expensive and more intuitive solutions. On the other hand, we also see many organizations have not integrated standard marketing technologies into their overall strategy, such as robust marketing automation. Our technology audit will assess a company’s existing marketing technology stack from all of these perspectives and provide you optimization recommendations, cost-saving opportunities, and more. This will help ensure your portfolio companies or potential acquisitions invest their marketing dollars in the right marketing technology.

Digital Marketing

In addition to our lead generation review, we will also audit existing digital marketing initiatives, specific to paid search, social media, SEO, and so forth. This will enable us to provide your team with a complete picture of the digital opportunities for the company in question. This review will also include an opportunity analysis related to SEO and digital advertising.

Marketing Strategy Development

Each business’ marketing strategy is unique, as its position in the marketplace, and target audiences. As a marketing firm with years of experience developing strategic marketing plans for businesses of all sizes, we can help you determine the overall strength of a business’ marketing approach. We can also recommend additional campaigns, tactics, target audiences to pursue, and so forth.

Comprehensive Marketing Expertise and Support

In addition to our audit, our team can implement any and every recommendation we provide. Our team is well-versed in all areas of marketing and can provide you the necessary resources to quickly scale up and strengthen an organization's marketing and lead gen activities.