The Shifting Landscape of Marketing and the Rise of Virtualization in the Post-COVID Economy

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May 28, 2020 14:00:00

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What is the post-COVID "new normal"?

In the aftermath of COVID-19 most every aspect of “business as usual” has been disrupted and will be forever changed.

In this webinar, OpenExchange and TribalVision will discuss our collective new normal, from both a marketing and sales perspective. Our panelists will share strategies focused on adjusting to our new reality and positioning your business in the best way to succeed, as it relates to your overall marketing strategy, in-person events, and sales and marketing communications.

What You Will Learn

Advantages of Virtualization Brought to the Forefront by COVID-19

In the last 2 months, the benefits of remote and virtual events and engagements have become more apparent than ever.

Virtualization in the Post-COVID World

Virtualization will become more and more prevalent moving forward. Businesses and organizations need to start preparing for this reality now.

The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing

Marketing has been turned upside down by the global pandemic and it is unlikely to return to what we knew before. But there are some facts of marketing that will never change.

How to Leverage Digital and Market Smarter in the COVID-19 World

The more businesses can invest in marketing channels like digital and social media the better they will do in the long run. This is more true now than ever.

Our Speakers

Michael Kolowich
Chief Content Officer, OpenExchange

Michael was the founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision Systems, a video and smart media platform that was acquired by OpenExchange in 2019. A former Lotus, Ziff-Davis, and AT&T executive he is an accomplished business strategist, technology executive, and Emmy-winning creative talent with WGBH-TV.

Chris Ciunci
Founder & Managing Partner, TribalVision

An entrepreneur with over 15 years of marketing experience, Chris founded TribalVision as a forward-thinking alternative to traditional marketing models. He oversees TribalVision’s strategic direction, guiding the firm’s client-first philosophy while spearheading business development efforts.

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