5 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Search Marketing

You’ve invested the time and effort, and launched a new website to make your company proud. Now what? If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you need to start with basic search engine optimization. Here are 5 practical ideas you can start implementing tomorrow to generate more leads online.

  1. Complete on-page SEO: Don’t let search engine optimization intimidate you. The reality is that on-page optimization can be simple, especially if you are using a content management system like WordPress for your new website. Simply follow three steps. First, make sure that you create a unique, keyword-rich title for every page of your website. Second, make sure each page has a meta description, which will appear in Google when someone finds your page. Third, place keywords wherever you can; in your content, in the names of your files and images, in your links, and more. Even if you’re not SEO-savvy, you can lean on your web development team for implementation and on free tools like the Google Keyword Planner for research.
  2. Use online directory listings: By listing your business in online directories, you can generate easy backlinks that improve your search engine rankings. When your website receives traffic from links on other sites, or sends traffic to other credible sites, Google perceives the website as more reliable and is more likely to recommend this result to searching customers. Many directories are free, such as InCrawler, while others are paid or require approval, such as Yahoo. You can find a list of directories here.
  3. Swap links with your partners: Think about your vendors, suppliers and other partners. Would they would be willing to post a link to your website? Would you be willing to post a link back to their sites? In most cases, you will have a few partners that are willing to promote you, and whom you are willing to promote in return. Create a partners page, mention them in a blog post, or add logos to the footer of your website. Afterwards, send them an email to let them know your intentions and request that they link to you as well. It’s a win-win situation as well as a chance to strengthen your existing relationships.
  4. Advertise: This is an easy way to generate additional traffic, and with cost-per-click advertising, you can set a flexible budget depending on your means. Google AdWords, Google Display Ads and retargeting options can all drive new and previous users to your website. Make sure you define goals and track website conversions, however, or you may end up paying a high price for irrelevant or unqualified eyeballs.
  5. Post on social media: If you invest in a new website, you can’t wait for visitors to come to you. Promote the new site on your social media pages, and outside of your own audience of followers. For example, join LinkedIn groups that are relevant for your customers and your industry, and post about your new website. Avoid a strong sales pitch, but keep an eye out for ongoing opportunities to contribute, whether by sharing timely articles, answering questions, or directing users to your own new content.