Extra! Extra! Blog All About It!

Having a professionally developed and managed company website is, of course, absolutely essential. Websites often serve as the cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns and the first point-of-contact for prospective clients. When developed with careful attention to site analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites increasingly bring in the new, high-quality leads that drive business in a global marketplace.

There is, however, one often-neglected aspect of business’ websites: the corporate blog. A well-written, SEO-driven blog is the perfect place to announce sales, new products or services, and staffing changes. It is an ideal means of tying together an effective social media marketing campaign. Still, many companies don’t have blogs. Others have blogs but rarely update them. Both scenarios result in the same thing: missed opportunities.

Opportunity Knocks … Or Clicks…
Corporate blogs are overlooked for three main reasons:

1.    Companies think maintaining a blog is costly or technically difficult.
Many people incorrectly think blog posts are the same as “site updates,” spurring concerns about constantly pouring money into having an HTML or jQuery expert on staff.  In truth, blogs can be easily integrated into websites in such a way that posting new blog articles is as simple as updating a Facebook status.

2.    No one is assigned to the blog.
This is one of the most common issues we find when reviewing clients’ websites. Everyone is busy focusing on tasks relevant to the company’s core competencies, and the company doesn’t have an in-house marketing department, so no one is managing the blog. This is usually a quick fix. At your next staff meeting, ask if anyone is interested in writing the blog. You may be surprised at the talent pool you have right there in your conference room.

Tip: Be sure to offer that employee time to consult with blogging experts and/or attend some SEO seminars to really see good results.

3.    Companies don’t want negative feedback on the blog.
It’s true, blogging is a two-way street, just like all other forms of social media marketing. Sometimes, people post negative feedback on a business’ blog. Responding professionally and quickly to all negative posts, while also actively engaging with neutral or positive responders, allows site visitors to see how your company handles dissatisfied customers or difficult situations. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate great customer service and there is nothing negative about that.

Taking the time to blog frequently and effectively can drive site traffic and ultimately lead to increased sales. TribalVision is pleased to offer corporate blogging services as well as on- and off-site SEO article generation. Connect with us for a free consultation!