Design Trends in 2022

Each year, design trends evolve to reflect current events and current pop culture fads. For 2022, bold typography and bold colors have made a comeback, which is a 90’s aesthetic that is also making a comeback in the fashion world. See below for other 2022 design trends.

1. Bold, Stylized Typography

Words alone aren’t enough to communicate meaning in a connected online world. Therefore, words need to be bumped up visuals so the message is easier to translate.

2. 90’s Throwbacks

Whether it’s through vibrant color palettes, use of shapes, or bringing back vintage fonts, the 90s have made their way back.

3. Photo composites

This trend blends reality with surrealism. It’s striking with its dreamlike visuals and composition.

4. Neutral colors

As a direct challenge to the 90’s throwbacks, neutral color palettes are also big in current designs. They bring elegance and style to any background in design.

There are many more trends emerging for 2022. What are you noticing in your media consumption?