Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. People receive stacks of marketing postcards and letters every day, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in the shuffle. It can also be expensive and difficult to track its impact. But don’t count it out entirely. Direct Mail may be an effective marketing tactic for you if…

…You can show, rather than tell

Putting your product in a prospect’s hands is always more effective than telling them about it. If it’s logistically feasible to mail a sample of your product to your targets, you’ll be able to provide tangible proof to support your key marketing messages while setting yourself apart from the many traditional direct mail pieces that they receive every day. If a sample would not effectively illustrate your offering, consider other direct mail formats, such as video mailers, to help your message cut through the noise of competitors.

…You can zero in on your target audience 

Direct mail can be expensive, especially when shipping bulky product samples. Because of that, it is essential to build a highly targeted list of contacts. Consider relevant targeting parameters such as job title, the number of employees, and annual revenue for B2B audiences. For B2C audiences, you’ll want to research key demographics such as household income. The more specific you can be in your targeting, the more impactful your campaign will be.

 …You can customize or personalize your mail

In creating a highly targeted prospect list, you’ve likely learned a lot about your prospects. Consider how you can leverage what you’ve learned to customize your communication. If you have a product that is a close alternative to what a prospect is currently using, send a sample of that product. If household demographics indicate a change (ex. becoming a homeowner, adding a member to the family), consider sending a congratulatory message or care package. The more closely you can tie your product or service to a current need, the more effective your direct mail campaign will be.