Halloween Marketing Campaign Ideas to Run (Before it’s too late)

With Halloween upon us most are thinking about costumes, candy, and trick or treaters.

Marketers on the other hand, as always, are looking for opportunities to leverage the holiday in
order to create unique marketing campaigns that will catch the eye of potential customers and
consumers. While you may have run out of time to launch an elaborate, robust Halloween
marketing campaign, we have a few quick, easy and engaging initiatives you can push live so
you can take advantage of the Halloween holiday spirit.

Adjust your Branding
Whether you adjust your logo, change company colors or completely refresh the look of
your homepage and social media accounts, an update to your branding can go a long way to
showing off your company’s spooky side. Seriously speaking though, seasonal brand refreshes
like these are a great way to show your customers you’re not just some stuffy company with no
sense of fun. Initiatives like these also show that your company stays current and helps you
maintain a strong brand presence, key for driving awareness of your company and services or
products. A fun Halloween-themed update will help you stand out from other brands that are
not as flexible or creative.

Showcase Company Culture
A huge effort is made, especially in today’s competitive hiring environment, to make companies
stand out from the pack. Recruiters today recognize that one of the most important ways to
bring in top talent is to establish and promote your internal company culture–this goes beyond
a kegerator in the kitchen. Company’s like Netflix have shown that perks like unlimited vacation
and free lunch go far but fostering a collaborative environment where everyone enjoys coming
to the office should be the ultimate goal. Company events like Halloween parties are more
important than ever and chances are your office is doing something for the holiday, be it a
costume contest or hosting a trick or treat event for the staff’s kiddos. So if you have something
brewing for Halloween at your workplace, make sure you can leverage it on social media and in
recruiting materials. Capture all the videos and photos you’ll need and a few extra too. Social
posts focused on those events will help promote your company culture and if there’s nothing
planned for this year, it’s never too early to start planning for next year.

Make the Holiday Relevant
If you have marketing materials—be it a newsletter or email campaign—going live during the
week of Halloween, make a point to bring the holiday into your communications. You do not
need to go overboard here, but if there’s an obvious way to tie your business and service to the
holiday, make a point to do so. If you have a product that comes in a pumpkin spice, you should
be promoting it the week of Halloween. If you build 3D printers, print something spooky and
share it on social media. If you are at a marketing agency, publish blog content about potential
Halloween campaigns. Get creative and find a way to tie your business to the holiday.

Offer a Promotion
Everyone loves a good discount and holidays like Halloween are a great opportunity to share a
promotion. Also, since Halloween is still a few weeks from the launch of the holiday season,
people are more likely to notice your promotion as they are yet to be bombarded with seasonal
deals and discounts. If you are in the B2B space, Halloween can be a great time to offer a
promotion as well, since those New Year budget decisions are not all yet finalized and people
are still in the office. Halloween really marks the sweet spot between Back to School and
Thanksgiving/Black Friday, where you can still easily reach your audience and not face the level
of competition for attention that comes with the holiday season. So if you have a discount or
new customer promotion you can offer, Halloween might just be the best opportunity for it to
get traction before the end of the year.