Put Your Best Face Forward: How To Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can be an incredible resource for awareness and lead generation when used correctly. One in three professionals on the planet are LinkedIn users making it essentially a rolodex of professional contacts. Of the 467 million active LinkedIn members, seventy-seven percent of those users use the platform to research companies and people before they interact with them. This means that with a few simple updates and additions to your LinkedIn profile, you can capitalize on the incredible opportunities the platform presents.

To make the best use of this channel, your company will benefit from updating and fully building out the company page, as well as individual employee’s personal pages. Use this simple checklist below to see if your company is truly putting its best face forward to capture potential leads.

LinkedIn Best Practices: Check to see what else you can be doing to improve your company’s presence on LinkedIn!

  1. Regular LinkedIn Posts
    • The more frequent you can post on LinkedIn, the more you showcase your brand to potential clients as well as potential employees
  2. Employee Profiles
    • Employees should have high-quality, professional pictures
      1. The best photo images should be a headshot showing your shoulders and above, in which you are wearing business attire and in front of a plain background.
    • The Title and Name of your company should be consistent across employee profiles
    • Adding specialities and skills will help potential clients, partners and suppliers with more relevant search topics
    • Personal summaries should be both substantial, and easy to read including valuable keywords
  3. Company Profile
    • Company Information
      1. All information, names, titles, awards and recognitions should be fully updated
    • Company Photos
      1. All logos should be fully updated
      2. Feature Company photos of employees and important projects
    • Showcase Pages
      1. For companies with multiple divisions, this is a great way to showcase your cohesive brand on your company page, and use the Showcase pages as additional opportunities for branding and to drive people to the individual divisions website
  4. LinkedIn Groups
    • Join relevant industry groups to maintain an awareness of the industry and to build your reputation. Within each group you can begin a discussion. The content you share should be aligned to the purpose/goal of the group as stated in the About section.

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