Set Up Google Analytics Goals to Understand What is Not Working

Google Analytics provides marketers with the ability to track and benchmark traffic based on defined goals. 

A goal is any action taken by a user directly on the website I.E., filling out a form, clicking a button, spending X amount of time on a page, etc.  

With goal tracking set up you will be able to analyze traffic on a direct and post click basis.

  • Direct Click – The very last action a user took before the goal
  • Post Click – All the actions a user took up to 90 days prior to the goal

This level of granularity allows your business to fully know how all your marketing channels are working in concert with one another to achieve goals.  This information is invaluable when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness a campaign, channel or initiative has in driving new traffic and then turning that traffic into customers.  

To get started, you should set up these two basic goals:

  • Form submission- anytime a form is submitted on your site a goal should be tracked. This will allow you to see which marketing channels are driving inquires to your business. 
  • Email signup- when a person signs up for your email list they are looking to seek more information from your business. To increase the number of email contacts you need to understand what is driving these people to your website. 

Understanding what is not working is sometimes more powerful than understanding what is working. Setting up goals will allow you to shut off inefficient channels and save your business money.